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Thread: XENYX X1204 USB How To Video?

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    XENYX X1204 USB How To Video?

    Are there any how to videos about what to look for when setting the compressor on this Mixer board? I've searched youtube but all's I find is setting up a compressor. I'm looking to learn how to better understand and set the compressor dial on the mixer itself. I've used boards with out one. But since it's there I really should understand how to adjust it myself.

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    Dear TedJankowski,

    I couldn't find any YouTube videos regarding the compressor function of our mixers, specifically. Once you understand how a compressor works and can expect how it will affect your sound, it will translate to any compressor.

    This video is informative and can offer some guidance regarding compression.

    Kind regards,
    Kind regards,

    Chase McKnight
    Jr. Admin, Care
    MUSIC Group

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    Yeah I found that one. Watched it it was more confusing than helpful. Since he was using one with more controls that of the X1204 which only has 1 knob to turn. They way it was explained to me is that it would help with those singers that like to sing Soft or with the mic 10 inches away from their mouths. Then help to balance out when the person on the other mic Was a Strong singer So that the weaker one wouldn't be over powered. Hopefully someone knows of link to some better directions.

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    Dear Ted,

    It's not quite as straightforward as you might think because several parameters are being adjusted. This circuit combines optimum control over the "dynamic" of the channel input signal with the simplicity of a single control element (pot).

    In principle, at the minimum position (fully counter clockwise) the ratio is 1:1 - there is no compression.

    When you turn the pot clockwise you are increasing the ratio, but in doing so you are also adjusting the threshold and output gain to compensate for gain reduction.
    The attack and release times are adjusted automatically to suit the dynamic of the input signal in the same way as the "auto" setting on the MDX2600.

    I've tried this out myself using a bass guitar / DI box, and I found the results to be very natural, I'd say this is well suited to any "live music" situation. You'd be hard pressed to get this compressor to "pump", and there is no noticeable loss of brightness under heavy compression.

    I hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,

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    Well I appreciate the information. It helps. What I was hoping for was a video that showed what to listen for and in the voice setting. I guess something to the effect of Here is the OFF on the compressor. Here is the on! There is no real off on here that I can see. So what is the ZERO setting. And Left makes it do "ABC" and Right makes it do "XYZ" If that makes sense. Then with maybe some Pointers on Adjusting and how to use it to balance singers out. This does give me something to play with.

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    Hi Ted,

    When the Comp knob is all the way left it is disengaged. Turn the Comp knob clockwise to add more compression effect. The adjacent LED will light when the effect is engaged.
    Kind regards,

    Chase McKnight
    Jr. Admin, Care
    MUSIC Group

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    Thanks I'm gonna have to play around with it. I just gotta find me a couple people to come over and sing so I can test it out and try a few different things.

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