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Thread: BEHRINGER TECH TALK 04: X32 Scene Management

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    Hi Jared,
    I have answered your questions below.
    Hope it helps!

    John DiNicola
    Senior Specialist, Product Support
    MUSIC Group

    1. Global Safes - If I save my current scene with inputs 1-5 "Saved" in the channel safe tab and then import a new show, does that SAFE carry over or does it change to whatever the new show file has set?

    Show's contain their own "safe" information. This means that if you export your show to USB AFTER setting up the "safes", the show file will store the safes and will overwrite the current console "safes" settings when being imported. So if you import a show that has nothing "safed", then your safes would be cleared and you have to re-safe inputs 1-5. Avoid this by exporting your show after setting these safes.

    2. Since the mixer doesn't save a "default" configuration. typically what I do is for each show, my first scene I have as the "default" scene to reset the console to whatever configuration is needed for that show. So I generally don't include any safes in that scene. Then for each scene after that I am checking the items I want protected. Am I doing this correct?

    Yes, this is correct. Also, you can also always recall the default configuration by using the Initialize Console option in the "config" page of the SETUP menu on the X32.

    3. Changes made to "saved" settings. For example if I am on scene 3 and it has channel gain saved. Let's say I have to make a change to the gain for whatever reason. Since that channel is "Saved" globally, what happens when I move to the next scene? Does it reset the gain to its original value or leave it where it is at?

    Because that input is "safed" globally, a new scene recall would not overwrite your gain setting.

    4. If I have plate reverb in FX slot 1 for scene one and I want scene three to have stereo delay, I need to make sure "Effects" is NOT checked on scene three?

    Yes this is correct - If you had Effects checked on scene three, then Scene 3's FX settings (including your Delay in Slot 1) would NOT be recalled.

    Likewise, even if I keep the same FX processor/slot, but change the parameters, does a scene change remember those parameter changes?

    Yes - FX parameters are all stored within scenes.

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    Thank you.

    Is there anyway in future software versions to make it so that we can setup user defined configurations for the initialize function? Like let us choose to either load a pre-saved configuration or factory default? That would be handy in my opinion.

    One last question. In the Scenes HOME tab, which category safes fader position?

    Thanks again.
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    Hi Jared,
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Regarding your question, the "Chan Process" safe will safe the fader positions for input channels. The "Mix Bus" safe will do the same for the mix buses.

    John DiNicola
    Senior Specialist, Product Support
    MUSIC Group

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    Hi John, We got our X32 a couple of weeks ago and are trying to learn how to use scenes properly.
    I created a Scene and exported it in a show and imported back again. It worked fine. Then I mistakenly moved the selected scene to an empty slot and pressed select and Yes. Our Attached PS started a loud noisy sound. Muting was to no avail. The only thing that stopped this was to select a valid Scene and go to it.

    Is this a bug or is there something basic in the configuration I have forgotten to do ??



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    Super User Paul Vannatto's Avatar
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    SW Ontario Canada
    Just an FYI, John Nourse and I have been corresponding back and forth via email. I think we got most of his problems sorted out and are continuing to help him with his setup.


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    has anyone seen any good 'Scene Management' video clips? would the kind folks at behringer like to do/produce one?

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    have there been any video clips of 'scene management' and 'safes' produced yet? the owners manual is pretty scarce on details regarding safes, etc. especially when you might want to swap FX or other minimal recall details like only a few channels settings and the like... an "undo" on the library and scenes would be a welcome feature (IMHO)

    eg: i may want to run a show with something like...
    1) FX change
    2) key group eq/comp change
    3) 2nd FX change
    4)vocal group input re-route from S16A to S16B
    5) key group restore
    6) vocal group restore
    7) etc, etc...


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    Super User Paul Vannatto's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    SW Ontario Canada
    Hi Tom,

    As far as I can remember, there has not been a video or webinar that goes in depth with scene management (and I've watched most of them, and attended a number of the webinars). If I recall, they did touch this subject in one of the webinars. But this would be an excellent topic for the next one. I do agree that the documentation and details are sparse and the implementation (or the results you get) is somewhat confusing. If they do offer a webinar, I can assure you, it is well worth attending if you can.


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    Is there a way to safe the customizable encoders and buttons?

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    So, to piggy-back off of someone else's question.
    If there is no default scene, what happens to settings that I do not store in a scene?
    If I don't recall any scenes, the settings are still there, but once I recall a scene those settings are gone.

    Is there a way to save those settings?

    For example, I want to have a default scene on the board that can be used by anyone who just walks up to the board.
    However, I also want to have scenes where the pre-amp, eq and possibly mixbus assignments are safe.
    Currently there's no clean way to do this. I have to either scene-safe the whole channel strip (minus pre-amp) or param-safe the faders (for the entire show).

    Has there been any more discussion on perhaps splitting out the Fader from the rest of the channel strip in the scene safe?
    If I make an EQ change in one scene, I have to make a library preset and copy-paste it to all the other scenes. This is very time consuming and annoying.

    Any help?

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