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Thread: iSTUDIO iS202 is now shipping!

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    iSTUDIO iS202 is now shipping!


    This is Andrew Luck, DJ Product Specialist for the MUSIC Group.

    As of this week our new iS202 iStudio is shipping.

    The iS202 has an exciting set of features, previously unavailable to artists utilizing their iPad.

    Some of these features include the ability to:

    • Connect mics, instruments and audio sources to virtually any audio/MIDI app
    • Footswitch and Expression pedal inputs for foot control
    • Phono preamp and ground for connecting turntable
    • All controls are located on the front of the iSTUDIO for convenient access
    • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

    The iStudio is great for taking your music to the next level on your iPad, particularly if you're looking to simplify your approach or take it on the road. Live instrumentalists will find all the i/o necessary to record performances with impressive fidelity, whilst DJs and remix artists are given the option of sampling directly from turntables or any other line level source.

    For all the details on the BEHRINGER iSTUDIO iS202 you can view the product page here:

    Click the Video tab on this page for an overview video of the iStudio.

    I am available to answer any questions about this new product. Feel free to post your questions here, or send an email to
    Andrew Luck
    Specialist, Product Support DJ US
    MUSIC-Group US

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    Hi there

    Is there a version of the is202 with the new lightning connector in the works? I'd be really keen to get one. At dates?

    Many thanks,

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