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Thread: Hum from EQ on Main Outs

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    Hum from EQ on Main Outs

    We have been using the X32 for about 3 months at a Baptist church in Georgia. Our first foray into the world of digital sound after 25 years of analog mixing. Thanks to Mr McKnight of Behringer for his excellent help in getting us up and running!!
    I was using a mic on a local channel to record some narration on a USB drive. I was listening on headphones with my mic channel soloed, audio was clear and crisp, good to go. However, when I played it back there was a very noticeable low frequency hum in the recording. I tried to ID the source of the hum by soloing all the channels on every layer and finally found that the source of the hum was some EQ on the LR mains output. I reset the EQ to flat and the hum was gone. Is this a problem with my board? The EQ has been used for over a month now without a hum, it just appeared yesterday. Anyone else experience this?
    One other question please: Is there an audio analyzer on the X32? A visiting audio engineer told us there had to be one "in there somewhere". But I have not seen any info on this in the manual or on this forum.
    The switchover has not been too traumatic, but our congregation is losing their patience with us, the amateur operators. The Behringer forum and website have been very helpful in making the transition!!
    Scott Sinclair
    Greenwood Baptist Church

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    Hi Scott,

    I'm sorry to hear you're getting hum on your console. Would it be possible for you to email me your board's Show File? I'd like to pull up your settings on my X32 and go from there. Currently, there is no built-in frequency analyzer, by the way.

    I'll PM you directly to investigate this further.

    Kind regards,
    Kind regards,

    Chase McKnight
    Jr. Admin, Care
    MUSIC Group

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