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Thread: Xenyth X1222 Main Mix vs USB Mix Question

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    Xenyth X1222 Main Mix vs USB Mix Question


    I purchased the X1222 in December and have overall have been very happy. However I have some questions/issues that have been bugging me.

    The X1222 user manual states that the USB mix and the Main Mix are identical. After viewing the forums I can see that this is not actually the case; any USB INPUT will not be redirected back out to the USB OUT, thereby (I believe) making the two mixes different. I don't really have an issue with that; it actually works well for my purposes.

    However, my main issue is that it seems the 7-band main EQ as well as the Main Mix L/R Faders are ALSO not being sent to the USB Out mix. If I adjust the main board EQ (as opposed to the individual EQ channel knobs) I can hear the change in my headphones and I can also hear the adjustment in the main mix but it doesn't seem like ANY change is being registered when it is recorded through the computer. I have tried pressing and depressing the EQ Main Mix / Monitor button but it doesn't seem to fix the situation. This also means that the XPQ functionality is not registering over the USB Out either.

    A similar issue is happening with the Main Mix Faders. I can hear the level adjustments though the main mix, but NOT through the headphones (though I believe this is by design) OR more importantly through the USB Out mix.

    Is this the way the board should work? If so I am disappointed since it makes the really nice feeling and sounding 7-band EQ / XPQ and Main Mix Faders useless to me. I use the board 99.9% of the time for home studio recording - no live recording.

    I am pretty new to this type of recording and this board was my first big purchase. Is this a case of simple user error? I hope so. Any direction would be appreciated; I searched the internet for the last few weeks but have been unable to find any information on this issue.

    Thanks for the help!


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    Any help getting this answered? If my question was confusing (or just dumb) let me know. Thank you for the help!

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    Dear Brendan,

    first of all please use your real name as user name here in the forums.

    In regards of the USB out, it is intended that the GEQ and the main faders will not affect the USB output as you normally want to record "clean" (without the master EQ for the PA system) and independantly of the level of the PA system. Same for the XPQ.

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