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Thread: iNuke NU6000 problem

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    iNuke NU6000 problem

    The AMP cut out at my last gig on friday after running for aprox 2 hours, cutting our set short, there was only two vocal mics miked, the volume nobs were at 12 o'clock, running through a behringer mixer and 2x 250watt 8ohm speakers. When I switched the amp on and off, the fans are still spinning for around 5 seconds then stop, it does this every time I turn it on.. However the lights are off.
    I checked the circuit breaker on the back which hasnt tripped.

    Can anybody shed some light onto this for me? I have only had this amp for 4 months.

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    I had this too, two iNuke NU6000, after two actions both amps dead. After on, the rings around pots going from orange to red, without any signal. Speakers only 8/1000, one pair. The first action - Ok, the second action only sound check and show broken.
    Both amps I return after 3 days from buy to seller. I like QSC Audio

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    Dear David,

    I apologize for the inconvenience. You may start a warranty claim here:

    You can contact us by phone at (1) 702-800-8290 for the US and Canada and (44) 1562 732290 in Europe.

    You can also contact our CARE department via email at We try to respond to every email within 24-48 hours, but please be patient if it takes longer due to the volume of emails we receive.

    This way you will have your unit repaired promptly and back in your hands in a timely manner.

    We hear you!

    Best Regards,

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    I'm having similar problems with a brand new NU6000. It's less than 4 weeks old. The amp was bought with the DEQ 2496 and a set of VP 2520's.

    After hooking it up to a mixing board with all trim levels and line levels set slightly under peak and the DEQ line level under peak and stable with the NU6000 volume controls @ 11:00 but the NU 6000 will not remain on, it randomly resets itself at various times, sometimes every 5 minutes, sometimes it can stay up for 30 minutes. All the connecting cables are also new and were bought with the unit. We have tried changing boards, using a pre-amp, stripping it of the DEQ, using the DEQ at both output line levels but its pretty much the same. Just wont stay on consistently. It cuts out at both low and high volume.

    Seems to be pretty much useless to us and is a setback as the purchase should have been up and running and out the door in the field already for a return on our investment.

    Any advice? Is this happening to a specific lot that possibly had a botched assembly in China maybe just in 2013 sometime or are they all pretty much the same? Junk?

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    I would follow the link Zak posted and start a repair/replacement process with the CARE team. Behringer is pretty good about getting things fixed in a timely manner. =)
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    Fiona Hammond
    Hi David,

    As you purchased the NU6000 less than 30 days ago I strongly recommend you return the amplifier to the retailer as soon as possible.

    After that period you may place a warranty claim via:

    Please feel free to PM me, should you have any questions.

    Kind Regards,
    Fiona Hammond
    MUSIC Group

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    It seems that we need to keep the NU6000 volume controls at better than 9 o'clock to keep it up and running without going
    into reset mode. We can adjust the line levels to tailor the BGM music when needed in between sets. We are thinking this is the result of powering the Euro live VP2520's that may need a minimum of 500 watts to effectively run the drivers. We are thinking that this really shouldn't be the case and the NU6000 should also be able to be volume controlled by its own knobs but turning them back under 9 o'clock really does make it reset randomly. Does this sound correct or is this just a faulty AMP?

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