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Thread: Problems recording using Xenyx 802

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    Problems recording using Xenyx 802

    I am a bit of a newbie with mixers. I have a Xenyx 802, and am using it to mix music from an ipad, audio from a laptop and a microphone which a live person speaks into. The live speaking I wish to record onto a small recording device.
    I have tried different microphones, but not had much luck lately in getting a recording.
    The output to the recorder is from the CD/TAPE Output RCA sockets.
    The mic is plugged into the first Mic socket on the left, using the 6.35 mm socket. There are 2 mics, one is a radio mic, but it does not seem to work any more (maybe just needs a new battery), but it did work before for making the recording. The recording device has a mic socket and comes with a small stereo mic to place on a lapel. I tried that mic connected via adapter and extension cable to the Mic socket on the Mixer, instead of the radio mic as that was not working. There was a sound level indicated on the lights above the Main Mix volume control and on the screen of the recording device.
    But when playing back the recording all I got was a buzzing hum throughout.
    So what sort of microphones are suitable for connecting to the Mixer to get decent audio, both to the speakers and to the recording device?
    What output sockets are best to use for the recording device?
    And what other settings should be set on the Mixer?
    So far it has been trial and error with trying different things but nothing that yet produces a consistent acceptable result, i.e. sound from mic to speakers and recorder giving a decent recording.

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    I believe that the 1/4" is for line level sources, not microphones.

    The recording device mic is not suitable for use with standard line or mic input.

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