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Thread: Best Connection For Recorder From FX2000?

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    Best Connection For Recorder From FX2000?

    I have a mobile rack that that I put together for recording High School Band concerts.

    Here's the progression of the hardware:

    Mics --> Presonus 1818VSL (TRS-Out) --> (XLR-In) MDX2600 (XLR-Out) --> (XLR-In) FX2000 (XLR-Out) --> (XLR-In) Zoom R24 (Channels 1 & 2).

    I will be replacing the Zoom R24 with a rack mount SD Recorder that has 2 RCA Inputs in the back and 2 TS Inputs in the front (you can switch between the 2 for which you want to record from). Now, which would be better to come off the FX2000 to the recorder to get the best sound? XLR --> RCA, TS --> RCA, XLR --> TS, TS --> TS?

    Hopefully this makes sense.


    Jim Hale

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    Dear Jim,

    Either of the above will work great! This is all based off of preference. I recommend using a standard TS cable for your application. As they are easy to find and may be used for other situations in the future!

    Hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,

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    Thanks Zac! That's the answer I was hoping for.

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