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Thread: Options for USB or FireWire Audio Interface? UCA200 TOO NOISY!

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    Question Options for USB or FireWire Audio Interface? UCA200 TOO NOISY!


    I've pretty much given up on the UCA200 as being a "quality" USB interface for my Xenyx 2442FX mixer. Simply put...the thing is NOISY! Constant buzzing on playback, but doesn't appear quite as bad when listening to the final mix via my Truth monitors.

    So...I have a Lexicon Omega USB audio interface that I had used with my old EURORACK MX2642A Mixer, and I'm thinking about using that - instead of the UCA200.

    My question is three-fold:
    (1) If I use the Lexicon Omega, is it suggested that I still use the CD/Tape I/O from the Xenyx mixer as I do with the UCA200 unit? If so, I will have to use different cables (1/4" mono to RCA), correct?

    (2) If not (using the CD/Tape I/O), what are (if any) the other options?

    (3) Are there any other USB interface units that people have had success with?

    Thanks in advance for any/all replies! I really appreciate it!

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    Dear Sean,

    I recommend using 1/4" TRS cables. This way you maximize your recording quality, being that the mixer and interface both have balanced I/O. The best options are either: MAIN MIX L/R or the CONTROL ROOM L/R. Use the LINE inputs of the interface. This also depends on playback options. Either or of the latter will work if you are using the interface for playback.

    Bad cables can result in noisy or buzzing recording and playback. This also applies to unbalanced cables with I/O. You might find luck with the release of the new FCA or the UCA audio interfaces! The expected release date is sometime within the end of Q3!

    Hope this helps!

    All the best,

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    Thanks so much for the info. I think I have the direction that I need to go.

    Question -- The Lexicon Omega will use TRS (balanced) 1/4" inputs AND outputs. If I'm not using the UCA200, then where should I run the RETURN (currently going to CD/TAPE INPUT RCA)? Would it be best to RETURN on the 15/16 Channel with 1/4" UNBALANCED cables, or run UNBALANCED 1/4" outs from the Lexicon to RCA inputs on the 2442's CD/TAPE?

    I am typically using Sonar Studio 8.3.1 and Sound Forge 9.0 for software.

    Here's the Lexicon unit that I have:

    Aside from the noise, the UCA200 works exactly as it should. I just want to be certain that I can wire the Lexicon to do EXACTLY the same thing (function-wise).

    Thanks in advance for your help! Much appreciated!

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    Hey Sean,

    Connect the outputs of Lexicon directly to your speakers; this will give you at true mix. This is best for mix down purposes!

    Kinds Regards,

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    Got the cables on order today. We shall see!

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