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Thread: UCA202/222 and iPad 2

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    UCA202/222 and iPad 2

    Has anyone used a Behringer UCA202 (or UCA222) with an iPad 2? Does it need a powered USB hub to work?

    There's a video on the UCA222 product page, but that's clearly a first-generation iPad, which provided way more current through the Camera Kit.

    Also, is iPad's internal sound device available when another USB soundcard is being used? I intend to use this setup with Traktor DJ to have proper pre-listening.


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    Hi Fabio,

    although the UCA222 can be powered by the iPad and will work you intention to have proper pre-listening will not work. As the iPad can only change from the internal devices to the externally connected the external would have to be a multi-channel soundcard. There is no way in iOS to team soundcards together and use them as one, maybe Traktor DJ has an option but for this you would have to ask Native Instruments.

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