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Thread: Behringer X32 and S16 - Channel Problem? and Solved! Faulty CAT5 cable

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    Exclamation Behringer X32 and S16 - Channel Problem? and Solved! Faulty CAT5 cable

    We just got the new Behringer X32 and S16 today for the church.

    Faulty CAT5e Cable
    The S16 light was green and set to Outputs 1-8 but the Behringer X32 had red lights on the AES50-A of the S16. Red lights usually mean not good! The connection to the S16 would drop occasionally, and the screen on the X32 would flicker! Took me two hours to figure out that maybe I should change to another ethernet cable and behold it worked! Just before the band's rehearsal.

    The problem:
    After which I had a strange problem. The bass player had his bass DIed directly to Channel 17 on the S17, and no matter what I did, I even muted the channel, the bass would still go through, louder of course when i raise the fader, and sometimes there would be crackling noise (no its not a faulty cable, read on...).

    So in short...
    - sound coming through even though channel fader is down and muted
    - sometimes there would be a crackling noise (sounds like a faulty cable but its not)

    When I switched over to another Channel on the S17. All if fine, and everything works!

    Rehearsal's over now. Anyone has any clues what might be the issue?

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    Dear Sam,

    Glad that you fixed the CAT5 issue before rehearsal! Maybe it's just because I'm tired, but what do you mean by S17? I'd say it was a typo but you mentioned it twice . Is the Bass DI getting louder in the Mains or on a wedge? If wedge- check the Analog Out tab (within ROUTING) and verify the "Tap" on the Output of the wedge is set to Post Fader. If Mains- Are you sending the DI Channel to a MixBus or Subgroup? Perhaps the MixBus is routed to the MAIN LR (Stereo Bus button is engaged).

    Hope this helps!
    Kind regards,

    Chase McKnight
    Jr. Admin, Care
    MUSIC Group

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    Haha there's a high percentage of people here on late nights and beers in the forums!

    It's S16!

    I managed to figure out why.
    Apparently, Aux 1 was up. And Aux 1 is being fed to the mains. Now this is where I have no idea why it does that? So my solution was to turn the fader, Aux 1 down. but it doesn't explain...

    1. Why does Aux 1 send to the Main L/R?
    2. What made Channel 17 route itself to the Aux?

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    Good ol' "bus" architecture of all these digi consoles. Since they are so flexible, you can basically have a variable subgroup by keeping the bus setup as an aux instead of a fixed subgroup.

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    Did you happen to change the Input Source on Aux 1? This would be found within the Aux's Config page. By default the Auxes, like Channels, feed the MAIN L/R.
    Kind regards,

    Chase McKnight
    Jr. Admin, Care
    MUSIC Group

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