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Thread: Android app release date?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jürgen Kirkovits View Post
    Yeah, I wouldn't know why Android users would want different features than iPad users. Keep it simple and make it as similar as possible, this way you could write one manual for both apps.
    Only yesterday I learned that there are small sticks running android that you can plug right into any hdmi input.

    This means that if xcontrol is ported to android no computer is needed. You just have a small stick in the size of an usb-stick and you can use any dvi/hdmi monitor for display.

    Check out as an example.

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    I don't know, I think I'd prefer a larger sized tablet that I can take with me and touch. Plus there's not much advantage (if any) in taking a large display with you instead of a laptop.

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    XControl for PC/MAC/Linux is not different, the same on all platforms
    Is not reason for different functions for tablet platforms.

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    Behringer, what about compiling the XControl for Linux software for an ARM processor. Unless I am mistaken, you should be able to easily recompile your XControl Linux source code into binaries that run on an ARM processor. That way, those of us that have an ARM Linux installed on our tablets would be able to use that as a work around, at least until there is a full Android XControl app.

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    Go Android! Play the odds optimize for tablets and then Samsung phones if the app works well on other less popular phones call that a bonus. We need this! My house of worship frowns on joining cults so I can't buy nonsense fruit products.

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    Is there something wrong with android pads? Some of us just don't like Ipads. So the answer here is obvious. We need something similar to the editor for iPad. And please, I need a solid answer, if such a thing will ever exist.
    Of course, don't forget about the editor for Android phones. We would also like to setup the monitoring.

    Boris Vuckic

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    Hi behringer,
    is any news about android app? I dont like apple, I have android tab and I am waiting for similar app as is for ipad.

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    Still no concrete answer from Behringer.

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    Please keep in mind that programming for apple is much easier than for android because there are a few technical specs for apple but a huge variety of specs for android (screen size / resolution, ram, other hardware, android versions aso). I too have an adroid pad and would like to use XControl Android but I am sure that behringer team is working on it

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