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Thread: Best speakers to use?

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    Best speakers to use?

    Our X32 is being used in a school. We use it either in the school hall or, occasionally, it may get used in the gym. At present, we are using a pair of stand mounted Mackie 450s, but we are looking at improving our sound quality and investing in a new set of speakers.
    I've looked at the forthcoming iQ range but, if the prices I've seen in dollars translate to pounds as they usually do, we're looking at around £3700 for two subs and two tops. Plus, the only date I've seen for their release is September, which makes them no use for us as we have several large events coming up over the next few months.

    One system that has caught my eye is the HK Audio Elements system (the "Band One") configuration. At £2700, it would save us quite a bit and also has the advantage of being very light and portable. Has anyone else tried one of these (or anything similar like the FBT Vertus)?
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    I really like the Bose L1 Model II system.

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    Hi Greg,
    yes, it's a great system, but you need to get it with a Tonematch to get two inputs and that'll set you back at least £2800. If you then need to expand the system, your only real option is to get another one and use them as a left and right unit.
    From what I've learned, the HK Elements system sounds as good, but can be expanded up to a total of 3600 Watts in a series of steps. It's a big decision!

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    Harmony Central forums has a thread on the FBT Vertus system.

    There are several "speaker on a stick" options. The best one is the one that fits the application (source, coverage, price, etc).

    What will they be used for? Rock concerts? Speech only?
    How many people? What is the layout? How loud does it need to be?

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    Why go away from your 450s? drop a couple of subs in there and your laughing. I use my 450s with a set of mackie s410 subs -- loads of power (if you crossover properly you will get a load more level from your 450s). My subs are running from a mackie m4000 amp and we are getting asked now to turn it down a bit since the x32 came along into my equipment. If you still need more top end, then drop another set of 450's in as well.


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    Main problem with the 450s is the weight - that's why I don't fancy getting subs as well. My gear is usually stored up two flights of stairs and carrying all the gear up and down wears me out - the new "speaker on a stick" options (to steal Jared's term), is just that much lighter.

    As for Jared's question, I use the gear in a school and it can be for anything from a rock gig to an awards ceremony with speeches - we need a genuine "one size fits all" system. The audience size can be from 50 - 400 and it is usually either in the school hall or, sometimes, the gym. I hate the gym as there is WAY too much natural reverb as there are just 4 blank walls with NOTHING to break up the echo!

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    For that application there are several options...Yamaha DSR/DXR, RCF Art 3/4 series, QSC K series, Yorkville NX55P's, JBL PRX, etc. I have no idea about the new Behringer stuff but the ones listed above would probably be first on my list to check.

    If you really want to upgrade try Danley Sound Labs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jared Koopman View Post
    If you really want to upgrade try Danley Sound Labs.
    That's quite an upgrade - I'd have to sell BOTH kidneys :0

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    For your subs, I don't think you should even consider anything other than the PRX618S-XLF's. There are other subs in this catagory, but none that give the sound per price ratio .... or even close. The XLF's use the touring VRX drivers, but are less expensive and lighter (81lbs)

    If you are going with PRX on the bottom, may as well go with the PRX612m's on the top. This goes a little bit over your stated budget, but it is an outstanding setup (and light).

    If you want something less expensive that still has some punch down low, the DXR15's are great (and only cost $800.00 each). They are also <50lbs which is pretty good for a 15" top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gareth Davies View Post
    That's quite an upgrade - I'd have to sell BOTH kidneys :0
    Sometimes we have to give a lot to get what we want.

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