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Thread: Ultradrive 2496 Computer Remote Control?

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    Ultradrive 2496 Computer Remote Control?

    Hi everyone.
    I am using this in my home stereo rig.
    I connected the RS232, and it works, however I can not figure out how to control it from the computer. I was under the impression, that I would be able to enter crossover frequencies etc. from my computer which is right next to me, instead of walking across the room to make any minor adjustment. The computer interface is so basic that I wonder if I am suppose to be able to do this. I have had no luck so far. I can not figure out how to get this computer remote to work.

    I LOVE the crossover BTW!
    Thank you.

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    No answers on this simple question, eh?

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    Dear Dave,

    Open the software. On the task bar select CONNECT. Here you will be able to link the DCX with the software. Press SEARCH DCX2496. The software will now search your computer for the COM port with which the crossover is connected. Once the program has found the DCX - select PC->DCX2496 within the SYNCHRONIZING parameter. This will enable you to control the crossover settings from your computer! Now, press RETURN to go back to the operating view. You can now change settings on your DCX2496 directly from your computer!

    Hope this is of some help!

    Kind Regards,

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    If you want, you can use wifi for remote control of DCX2496.

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