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Thread: X32 Midi signal not triggering or showing up in Cubase

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    Exclamation X32 Midi signal not triggering or showing up in Cubase

    I have most things working on the X32, but the one thing I can't figure out is Midi into and out of the X32, flowing out and into Cubase on a Windows 7 PC.

    The device shows up in Cubase midi port setup as Active

    I can take a live midi feed (TD-9 drums) that I know is sending signal I can see on a midi rack unit, and plug that straight into X32 and no signal registers on the X32 (is it supposed to?) and nothing registers in Cubase (that orange midi in signal, and midi signal on the track display nothing).

    All of this worked before the X32 on an Onyx audio interface (that's no longer here).

    I can assign "midi" to a rotary encoder and I can see that sending midi signal to Cubase, but the drums cannot get through.

    I have gone through the Cubase manual for midi to no avail (since this worked before, the block must be the X32).

    More tests, Midi Keyboard can't get through, and midi out of Cubase through the X32 and into my Zoom G9.2tt guitar pedal does not change patches from program changes set up in the song (this all worked before the x32 and is vital to the music I produce).

    I have gone through every page and every tab in the X-32 and XControl countless times and everywhere there are midi settings in Cubase and nothing works. (This should just plug and play correct?)

    The only x32 manual I was able to find is only 69 pages long, I don't think that is the full manual (where can I find that please?)

    Most everything in this 69 page X32 manual is for controlling the X32 with midi, not sending and recording a midi instrument.

    Thanks for your help. Can't wait until this is all working well.


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    It seems as though you are expecting some sort of drum audio to appear in the X32. The MIDI signals from the TD9 are not audio, they are control messages. There's nothing for the X32 to do with them.

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    No I am Looking for midi signals in Cubase. I have recorded 42 songs on my last system this way, and now the x32 is not allowing midi signals to pass through either way.

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    Dear Robert,

    Midi in the X32 is only for remote control via the Mackie Emulation, it is not intended to work like a normal midi interface.

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    Oh no... Watching a bunch of X32 training videos yesterday I was getting that sinking feeling. I bought the X32 believing it to be a complete audio interface to replace the Onyx one I had to give up. OK shock setting in now, wasted 2 days on that, feeling foolish. The midi port on the X32 should be listed as "control only", as midi in/out always includes instruments since the 1980's when I was using Atari computers!

    So what is the solution? TD9 Drums, keyboards, bass and guitar Zoom pedals all need midi connections to Cubase to properly make and perform music here. How do I connect them now? I do have another firewire port on the PC available, do I have to buy another audio interface that supports midi instruments now? Can you even run two audio interfaces at the same time?

    Shocked! Saddened and discouraged by this, help me see the way forward.

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    Hi Robert,
    just get a simple one in - one out USB Midi Interface...they are pretty cheap. Your drums will use channel 10 and you have another 15 channels to control plenty of other stuff and get Midi into and our of the PC.



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    Thanks Chris,

    I did some tests and discovered I can operate a cheap separate midi interface, however it did not work well, just played one of 4 notes, at least I got it figured out. So I order this: MOTU MIDI Express 128 8-in/9-out MIDI Interface compatible with Macintosh and Windows that should completely solve the midi issue for me.

    The sad thing is I already own an older version of this unit, but it just doesn't work (a ton of those older ones for sale on ebay, so I bet others have the same issue).

    I wonder if Behringer will update the code to make the MIDI function for instruments at a later date. Or is this it?

    MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. That is not what it's purpose is on the X32, that's why I was at a loss to its function.

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