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Thread: Get signal out from laptop to mixer via USB but no signal from mixer to laptop via US

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    Get signal out from laptop to mixer via USB but no signal from mixer to laptop via US

    hello, I've had my X2442USB for a couple of years but just now getting into computer based recording.
    I can monitor through USB, get output signal from laptop to mixer, but do not get a signal from mixer in to my laptop to record. Thought maybe I need to load the driver that came with the software that came with my mixer. This lead me to this problem/question: In the read me file BEHRINGER USB AUDIO Driver 2.8.17 it says: "Supported systems: Windows XP (SP2) and Vista (32-bit)." My system is: Dell N5050 Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2370M CPU @ 2.40GHz 6GB RAM Windows 7 service pack 1, 64 bit. Sooo, my question is, will the driver with the software work with my system or do i need something else? And/or am I facing a completely different problem? My over all problem is I'm trying to use my mixer as my interface and from what I've read it is possible but I just haven't figured out how. The software I'm interested in is: Magix Samplitude, Magix Studio, Mixcraft 6 and Presonus Studio One 2. So another question is: Will all this work together? Sorry for the lengthy question(s) but I am very new to this and any help would be deeply appreciated.

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    Dear Frank,

    You may find all downloads and driver from the BEHRINGER website:

    For Windows 7 driver installation - follow the steps below:

    FIRST, delete any BEHRINGER drivers from your computer.

    Download and install:

    Set the RECORDING and PLAYBACK devices to:
    behringer usb audio

    To do the above, go to:

    Open your recording software. Go to:
    PREFERENCES->AUDIO SETUP or whatever page that sets up your audio inputs and outputs.
    Set the inputs and outputs to:
    BEHRINGER USB audio.

    Within your recording software:
    Set the default sample rate to: 44,100Hz. Set the default sample format to: 16 bit.

    Yes, you may use this mixer as an audio interface for any of the DAW's that you have listed. There is a lot of functionality with the XENYX series mixers. When recording a vocal or instrument track make sure that the RED 2TK/USB TO MAIN" switch (located on the right side of the mixer) is not enabled (pushed in). Enable the switch (push in) when you want to playback audio from the computer. Use the red 2TK/USB push switch within the SOURCE parameter if you would like to enable playback for PHONES or CONTROL.

    Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any further questions!

    All the best,

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    One more question for now, if I'm using the mixer as my interface, how many inputs into my DAW will it give me?
    thanx again

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    thank you sooooo very much!!!! worked like a charm!!! my next question is: how many simultaneous inputs to the DAW does this give me? and if it gives me more than one at a time, how do i assign them to tracks? or where can i go to learn this?
    once again, thank you very much

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    Dear Frank,

    All of the XENYX USB mixers can record and playback up to 2 tracks at a time. These can be two discrete tracks or one stereo track.

    Assigning inputs is different per DAW. Usually the software will allow input and output selection on the actual track. Look for some sort of I/O setup. That is where you can assign routing for your track!

    Kind Regards,

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