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Thread: Redundant Networking x32 and 2 S16's

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    Redundant Networking x32 and 2 S16's

    The big claim of AES50 and the s16 is redundancy networking capable ( I have not seen one bit of documentation on how to use 2 separate shielded cat5 or shielded cat6 to get a redundant hookup of the x32 to 2 s16 boxes i would imagine it could look something like this. 1 cat5 to one s16 and one to the other and then a short patch cat5 to between them. Can someone from Behringer or someone whom is doing this please comment how to do it.

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    I think that with "redundant network provisions", they are probably referring to the error correction code: for this to work, redundant data is send across the network. Or, it's a future feature...

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