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Thread: How to add new icons to the scribble strip

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    Question How to add new icons to the scribble strip

    I like to use the icons in the scribble strip but I find that not all the instruments I need a represented by the available icons. Is ther a way to make/load new icons to use in the scribble strip ?

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    I would really like to be able to do this as well.

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    Dear both,

    currently it is not possible to create your own icons.

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    Which. I have to say, surprised me as I can do this with all my programmable remote controls with ease!

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    There's the list of my propositions for next firmware, that I'd already posted at

    Quote Originally Posted by Marcus Prier
    - Cymbal/Ride Icon for the LDC Scribble Strip (like the Hihat Icon)
    - Smartphone Icon (L/R) for the LCD Scribble Strip
    To icons, would be nice to see more woodwind instruments like:
    - Concert flute,
    - Clarnet,
    - Oboe,
    - Basson

    And also:
    - Vibraphone
    - Harp
    - Harmonica
    - Accordeon

    And symbol, like:
    - Star
    If you'd like to see other icons too, put your ideas right here. I think, that's the best place (thread) for that.
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    ipod will be nice

    or create a icon editor so you can import them

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    I'm all in favor of being able to import icons, even if they replace existing icons.

    If Behringer decides to only support "new" icons, then my request list includes:
    - CD (disk)
    - TV set (Video)
    - Antenna (FM Transmit)
    - iPod


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    Could the color selection be also expanded to 16 color? 8 isn't enough. It would also be nice to be able to edit the default snippets to something meaningful to our situations.


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    It can be really hard to give us icon editor. There's a few technical problems.

    1. Where the images would be stored? The internal memory size of X32 is limited.
    2. If it will be stored on pendrive, what will happend if the stick would be removed?
    3. What will happend, if you transfer scene file with edited icons (note, that *.scn files contains OSC commands only - it would be impossible to insert images into this type of files)
    4. How to transfer images to iPad, iPhone, XControl?


    To more colours. I tried to combine some RGB intensity in my Color-backlight LCD screen, and I made table with 14 of them (attachment).
    The three numbers at the left of colour column is a RGB color code:
    0= LED OFF,
    2= FULL ON

    The most I miss orange, light green and light blue.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I do several country shows every year. If you could add a 'steel guitar' icon that would be very helpful to me.

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