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Thread: Quality of X32/S16 EtherCons

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    Quality of X32/S16 EtherCons

    I have a X32 and 2x S16. I noticed that some of the pins in the EtherCons of the AES50 ports might slip back (partially) into the connector housings. This ofcourse results in bad connections, sync problems etc. when moving the cables/connectors a bit. I solved this by moving the pins back in place (using a paperclip, gently!) and connecting the ports to Neutrik EtherCons that I put into my 19" racks. The Neutrik EtherCons seem much more reliable. Is Behringer aware of this (possible?) quality issue with the EtherCons? All of my units seem to have this issue with the EtherCons. So, I suspect that swapping them for new ones won't solve it, unless this was a batch issue which is already resolved.

    If you want to check your ports: the 8 pins in the ethercons should line up nicely next to eachother. If one or more pins seem to be slipped to the back, you have the same issue.

    Edit: Next to this issue I'm very very happy with the X32 and digisnakes (previous owner of SL24).

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    Hi Peter,

    Like you, I installed two NE8FDP Neutrik EtherCon Chassis connectors on a plate which is mounted on the rear side of my rack. However, I did this to speed up and simplify the connection process - not because of a faulty connection issue. I have never had any connection issues with my S16's and the installed Neutrik Connectors should prevent this from happening. I would assume Behringer uses the same connectors on the X32 and I will keep my eyes on them.

    If I may ask, which Neutrik Connectors did you use?


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    I did it similar. D-hole plate on the front of my racks with 2x NE8FDP. On the cables I use NE8MC - if I remember correctly - with Neutrik RJ45s.

    At the mixer side I use a short ethercon cable which I leave plugged into the X32. I fixed this cable to the flightcase together with the power cable using a strainrelief.
    (My long utp cables are on a reel with Neutrik chassis ethercon, so I can plug the mixer into the reel with the short cable.)

    Behringer should have spent the money on Neutriks IMHO. (I would still buy it if it would be couple of 100€/$ more expensive...)

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    Fiona Hammond
    Hi Peter,

    May I add that these are original Neutrik Ethercons, the best connectors that are available.

    Intermittent problems can come from the cable and hence utmost attention has to be paid to the use of correct cables as there can be connection problems if the cable connectors are out of spec. Those issues often come from low-cost cables.

    In a few rare cases we also encountered that the Neutrik connectors show bent pins which lead to issues. This requires the pins to be readjusted or the connector to be replaced.

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    Hi Fiona,

    Huh? You're right, the ethercons are indeed from Neutrik, but it seems that their quality is a bit less than the NE8FDPs I bought for the panels in my racks. Oh well, I'm not going to plug in/out a lot from the X32/S16s directly, so I assume(/hope) I'll be fine now that I've put the pins back in their place.

    My cables all have Neutrik RJ45s and NE8MCs and are tested ok.

    Thanks for your response!


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