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Thread: Only 48kHz?

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    Only 48kHz?

    Hello everybody, i'm new here, so please be patient I've just bought this beauty (today afternoon), and i'm gonna use it (mainly) in the studio. I'd like to know if you guys at Behriger are planning a future upgrade up to 96 kHz (i generally use 88.200), in order to maintain a professional studio use of the device. I know that in live situations 48 are absolutely enough, but if you use it like a sound card, i believe that working at 88 it's totally another thing...

    Another thing i would like to know is about the XControl for android phones. I know a lot of people are asking for this, and I'm one of those!!

    Thanks in advance for every answer/help, greetings from Rome!!


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    According to an article I read a while ago behringer may consider higher sample rate in a future update.

    Behringer has also stated that if the sample rate goes higher it will reduce the number of active input channels to 16ch.

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    Its very nice

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    Thanks Robert. I hope it won't be like this, i already had a 16 chs sound card! I wanted 32 or at least 24 sound card... Is there a chance to have an answer from the Behringer guys?

    Anyone who knows anything about the software for Android?

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    Dear Emiliano,

    regarding 96kHz we will consider but cannot guarantee it. The Androip app is still in development.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael.Maeurer View Post
    Dear Emiliano,

    regarding 96kHz we will consider but cannot guarantee it.
    I would seriously consider replacing my studio's aging Yamaha 01v with the X32 Producer if it would support 88.2 and/or 96 kHz. Being "restricted" to 16 inputs (at that sample rate) wouldn't be an issue in my case.

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    Thanks a lot Michael, I REALLY HOPE you will soon translate your consideratios in practice!!!

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