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Thread: Is the production of P16M stopped ?

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    Exclamation Is the production of P16M stopped ?

    hello every body
    I am standing before buying an x32 console for a company I work for.
    I made a perches list a wail ago and today when I went to thomann web site I was amazed to discover that the p16m (personal mixer) disappeared form the site as if it was never there!
    It didn't look as if they didn't have it in stock at the moment but as if the product is not and never was on sale, witch isn't truth! (It was there wen I made the quotation).
    I'll try to talk to them tomorrow but wanted to say something here because it's very weird. usually when some thing at thomann is sold out or discontinued they say something about it !!
    witch they didn't in this case!
    I'll be glad if someone form behringer could respond on this issue.
    Thanks Nir
    I would like to say that I tried to look at "just music" and the price there is a little higher and can jeopardize the hole purchase

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    Dear Nir,

    The P16-M's are certainly not discontinued. I called Thomman and they confirmed they are simply out of stock. The gentleman explained that as soon as their stock has replenished it will be on the website.

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards,
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    Kind regards,

    Chase McKnight
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    Thanks Chase
    I apprisiate this
    I just don't understand way they didn't sad so on the site.

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    I've tried many on-line sources and and can't find anyone that can give me a ship date on the P16-M. Anyone know of any available?

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