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Thread: XENYX 1204USB for broadcasting.

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    Brutish Sailor

    XENYX 1204USB for broadcasting.

    Ok, So I had the regular Xenyx 1204FXPRO I used for broadcasting. I loved it. A friend horsetraded it to me, and it worked out great.

    I even made a little tutorial for broadcasting with it here: ... ature=plcp

    S, I just bought the Xenyx1204USB being so impressed. I was very excited, as I just got done setting up the alexas Multimix 8 USB (can also be seen on my channel) for broadcast.

    So. I get this baby set up, and go through my usual checks. I then realize that my sound off my speaker channel of the Mixer is not routing to the "recording device" of this mixer. I thought to myself ," Don't panic, Xenex is a great product, you probably got something not pushed right" So after 6 hours, I finally get the audio routed to the mixer "recording device", but it is off another computer using TS!

    What I'm hoping is that I haven't pushed something correctly, or just screwing this up in general. Maybe another broadcaster on the forum can help? I also had to download the 64Bit drivers from the website, as the disk only had 32bit drivers. Maybe I downloaded the wrong thing?

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    Brutish Sailor

    Re: XENYX 1204USB for broadcasting.

    Question 2:

    In the owners manual that came with the users product, I have listed:

    DELTA SIGMA 24 bit 64/128-times oversampeling

    My max for recording and speaker for the USB device is 16bit on the settings for sound device property's?

    Again, maybe the wrong drivers auto installed?

    I usually try to go 320kbps <44khz MP3 and then Transcode to 32kbps AAC+v2 codec panoramic stereo, as can be heard here- (JLA licensed licensed, its not pirate)

    But the more Khz I can pack into the transcoding locally (I usually go 2:1 ratio based on my transcoding rate, so 96khz prefered)

    But is their a way I don't know about to juice this back up to its 24bit potential?

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    Brutish Sailor

    Re: XENYX 1204USB for broadcasting.

    I just want to say this again, I'm ecstatic about behringer products. If my station was a marriage, then Behringer would be the bane of my existence as far as Im concerned with mixers. Im not an angry consumer, And Im sure other hobby/micro casters use Behringer products as well. Hince why I went the forum route before going the support route.

    I can still run a 3.5 mm audio connection from my Soundcard (Sound blaster, the other thing I thrive on) to my stereo TS connections and then to my Mixer, and then route it back from the USB to comp (USB as listening device)

    Im not an audio engineer by trade, but it seems logical to think that this would cause degradation to the audio quality, as I go from digital routing to signal, which then completely nulls the point of a USB mixer in this application. My biggest priority is trying to route digitally all together, which would maximize my sound quality. So Im not going to be mad if I cant do it, Im just wondering if its possible.

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    Re: XENYX 1204USB for broadcasting.

    Hi British Sailor!

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the questions. I understand that you're slightly hesitant to go the support route, but our tech support crew know these products forward and backward, so that would really be the best way to get to the bottom of your predicament. Feel free to contact them via email at or calling +1 425 672 0816.

    Take care,
    James Burns,
    Coordinator, Social Media
    MUSIC-Group US.

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    Brutish Sailor

    Re: XENYX 1204USB for broadcasting.

    Thanks James

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    Brutish Sailor

    Re: XENYX 1204USB for broadcasting.

    Ok, I think I got an optimistic work around.

    SO, Behringer USB mixer is a AISO device. This means that The channels dont work like regular audio routing in WIN7.

    I think the answer is I need to do the ol AISO4all stack, and have The encoder listen in on this stack.

    SO, to do that, Im gonna try AISO Edcast standalone, /w External text file generating automation (Zararadio) and this should kill to birds with one stone, as AISO for all should give me config choices to up my quality past the drivers limits.

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    Brutish Sailor

    Re: XENYX 1204USB for broadcasting.

    OK OK

    YOU REALLY need to put in your manual NOT TO INSTALL DRIVERS if your not planning to use this as an AISO device.

    I see whats happening.

    This device is intended to work out the box with windows audio codec. SO like everyone else that has a device thats USB, I installed drivers. It doenst matter now if I uninstall drivers, or try to move the device to another USB connection. It still now wants to be an AISO device, and renders it worthless for recording through audacity, broadcasting, playing with other soundcards, and is generally nurfed to a 1204 without FX.

    So now the question is ,"how do I get rid of the AISO drivers, but still get it recognized as a USB audio device?"

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    Brutish Sailor

    Re: XENYX 1204USB for broadcasting.

    Ok, so I got the answer, and now I got a question.

    So, to properly get rid of the AISO driver in WIN 7:

    1) you must go to- Control Panel---->Hardware---->Device manager---->

    2) Go down to to your Universal Serial Bus (UBS) Devices

    3) Disable and delete the Behringer 2.4.8 Audio Codec.

    4) Restart the computer. It should start up with Windows Audio Codec, as if the Behringer device wasnt installed. If it doesnt, you have fiddled with the Wrong "Behinger WMD Audio Codec" under Sound devices. Disabling and deleting this will do you no good.

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    Brutish Sailor

    Re: XENYX 1204USB for broadcasting.

    As for the question, after alot of trial and error, Im realizing the Onboard soundcard just doesnt have enough Humph to push out levels to the USB audio out channel. SO, I have two choices:

    1)(CREATIVE X-FI Fa1ality edition audio setting max out) Music ----3.5 MM to 2 TS---- Out with USB

    2) Music to USB, OUT through MAIN XLR to 3.5 MM------(SOUNDCARD maxed out settings)

    Im guessing (1) would result in better audio quality, as all the adaptors from --main to 3.5 mm-- would cause a lot of sound degrigation regardless on the audio out before it reaches the Sound Card.

    But Im not an audio engineer.

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    I am struggling with this mixer to stream an internet broadcast over Live365. My situation is that I can stream the music and automated programs and other elements, but I cannot figure out how to open a mike. The software developer of Stationplaylist tells me I am not getting a signal from my connected soundcard... he suggests I wire in from mixer, which I did from USB rca connections to the sound card ins/outs. Is this the way to do it?

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