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Thread: Multi-FX to monitor mix

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    Multi-FX to monitor mix

    Hi there

    I just bought myself a Behringer sound system, Two B115D's for Main output, One B112D for monitoring, and the X1204USB mixer. Now I like to be able to send the mult-FX to the main output as well as to my monitor mix. I connect the monitor from Aux Send 1 to the input of the B112D. But no effects on the monitor.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is it simply not possible. I like to hear from someone for a solution. Thanks in advance


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    Dear Bert,

    Unfortunately the routing is limited on this mixer and you are unable to route the effects to the AUX sends.

    The FX2000 would be a great external processor for your application. I have provided a link below:

    This would an example of a BEHRINGER mixer that is able to route effects to the AUX sends:

    Hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,

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    Thanks for your reply Zac

    Wouldn't I have the same problem, when using an external processor connected to the Aux Send 2?
    Because the routing is still the same then I think

    Are you sure there are no other solutions?

    Withe kind regards

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    Dear Bert,

    Yes, technically the effects can be routed to the monitors with some creative routing. This isn't something we typically recommend as feedback can easily be generated. Moving forward, here are the steps:

    - Use the FX knob on each channel strip to determine how much of the channel signal will be sent to the FX buss.

    - Make sure that the FX master is at least at 0. (AUX SEND Orange FX knob)

    - Adjust the amount of FX applied to the mix by use of the STEREO RETURN AUX FX knob.

    - Select ALT 3-4 next to the STEREO AUX FX knob (switch will be pushed in).

    - Connect the physical ALT 3-4 output to stereo channel LINE IN 7/8.

    ****It is imperative that the FX KNOB on stereo channel 7/8 is down - all the way to the left. If this knob is adjusted at all, you will get a very uncomfortable feedback!! ****

    - Use the AUX 1 knob on channel 7/8 to route FX to your monitor mix.

    - Place ALT 3/4 faders at unity gain ("0")

    - Adjust 7/8 channel fader to route FX to the MAIN MIX.

    Hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,

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    Hi Zac

    Thanks for your explanation. But this way of getting fx to my monitors is not necessary anymore. I just returned the X1204 USB and bought the X1222 USB. It's more suited for a live set-up, with a graphic EQ as well.

    Thanks again
    With best regards

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    Ben Obee
    Hi Bert,

    I know you have already gone withe the X1222USB but it would be worth it to mention that the X2442USB has an FX OUT which you can return to a channel easily as well. You would also have the ability to have two monitor sends and have more mic inputs.

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    Dear Bert,

    I am very happy to hear you were able to finalize you decision with the correct mixer suitable for your application. You may follow the steps previously posted for this mixer as well - FX to AUX1.

    Let me know if you have further questions and thank you for choosing BEHRINGER!

    All the best!

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    I am considering purchasing a X1222 USB for a 5 piece band PA, to use with a powered Yamaha sub and a pair of powered RCF's for mains. We'll be using a pair of powered Behringer Eurolive 215's as stage monitors.

    The lead singer uses a wireless headset monitor.

    I should be covered as far as inputs (3 vocals, guitar, bass, possible drum mike, and 2 keyboards)

    I'm a bit confused with regards to the auxiliary output. It looks like this unit has 2 auxiliary returns, but I don't see how each of these are controlled.

    Would this give me two separate auxiliary channels, one for my main monitors, and one for the wireless monitor?

    Obviously budget is an issue which is why I am considering this unit, otherwise I'd step up into something bigger. But it seems to have everything I need if it meets our monitoring requirement.

    Many thanks!

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    Dear Chris,

    Both auxiliary return channels are independent. There won't be much need for the return channels in your application. You may use both AUX send (mon send) and FX send. Remember FX parameter is not applicable when utilized as a monitor feed.

    Kind Regards,
    Zac Ross
    Jr. Admin, CARE
    MUSIC Group US

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