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Thread: CMD Controller Giveaway! (Ends March 4th)

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    I've already ordered a Studio 4S and would love to get a PL-1 to go with it. I run karaoke shows and am going to take Huntsville, AL to a new level with remixed karaoke.

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    I need a CMD controller in my setup because of their genius modular, compact, behringer high quality and easy to use design.
    also, im new to DJing and music production and im sure that these controllers will make my work easier and even better with any software.

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    I plan on buying 3 LC-1s, and 1 PL-1: I mix with 3 decks and there is NO other controller even out that has A) Great LED feedback (to map like crazy and keep my eyes off the silly screen) B) Modular and nicely portable (as well as quite durable by the sounds) C) Has a ton of buttons to map, including encoders D) Nicely priced. Limited by my gear right now and hate using Deck A-C pages, so one LC-1 for each deck, and a PL-1 for manual beatmatching when needed and an effects monster (think that crazy VCI-100 DJTT mapping). I Need these ASAP because I've been looking at them for almost a year and it will take me at least 50 hours to map completely

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    My quest for musical world domination requires a controller to make it happen! Give me the power!

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    I NEED a CMD controller because I'm going to be the next Richie Hawtin. I want to dj awsome minimal tracks, at least for my friends But since I'm 16 I can't really afford equipment.

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    I need a CMD controller to launch clips, and trigger my effects in my Ableton DJ sets. I feel that it's versatility could boost my djing skills, and I'm also tired of having to ask my mom for her iPad.
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    I need an MM-1 it is the single most important piece of equipment that will transform my modular usb setup of a K2 (which is currently my dedicated mixer but would be a better effects controller), and launchpad for Traktor Pro 2. The MM-1 is going to be the best modular mixer on the market. 4 Band Eq plus extra usb plugins is Mind-Blowing and would completly revamp any set, mix, or sound!!!!

    Enjoy The Hylfe

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    Talking Pick Me!!!!!!

    I need a MM-1 for my modular usb Traktor Pro 2 setup. I currently use a K2 as my dedicated mixer and a launchpad for transport. 4 band eq, a dedicated crossfader, and and extra bank of 4 usb plugins would turn any set, sound, or track into pure bliss. The Behringer Cmd Line of controllers will be the Dj product of the year. Enjoy The Hylfe

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    I need a CMD module(a DC-1 would be sweeeeet) to kick off my production and DJ set up. I've always loved music and only recently got into DJing and producing. I just got Ableton live, but the problem is, I have nothing to control it with, and I hope Behringer can help kick off my producing career

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    I am a starting DJ with just a laptop. I would love (need) a CMD controller so I can take it to the next level and get my hands of the mouse of the laptop (which would be very nice!)
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