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Thread: CMD Controller Giveaway! (Ends March 4th)

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    If I had these controllers it would make running youth events easier I. the booth. a lot of times I have to run lights sound and projection, these awesome devices would allow me more easy control over all of that. thanks

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    Sorry James, I didn't see your post ! I edited my post !
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    I need a CMD PL-1 because I need girls and money, and that 4-inch touch sensitive bad boy looks like the way to get them. (Also I've been lumbered with your BCD3000 jogs for 4 years now!)

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    Hi this is my story.

    I dont have a job but Im trying to get my rental business running. Sadly I only have old broken equipment. Im really struggling here because I cant get a job. This controller would really help me to start fixing up my system and making money. I am a 100% Behringer supporter and this will help me a lot. Anything will help at this moment

    Thanks for reading my story.
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    I am FOH for a music venue in Reno NV and would like to have a CMD DJ Controller for DJ use with our anticipated X32 and iQ Series system, when available. We are looking at X32 Compact, S16, IQ15, IQ18S and 4 IQ12 for monitors.

    Studio On 4th

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    I want to try with LC-1 and PureData to control RemixDecks in Traktor.
    PureData can replicate HID commands, and I would like to use knowledge with PureData that I learned making template for TouchOSC

    but I dont promise anything

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    Cool Need this toys!

    I'm DJ over 2 years! Behringer give me the BCD3000 and now i need this TOYS! For rock in all my concerts! Have a Group! It's call Elektron!

    If you want to take a look..

    Facebook fan page:

    DJ MAUX MIX! :


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    Ive been searching over the last couple of years for the perfect controller without any luck. I wasted alot money and energy. Behringer has found the solution to my problem by allowing me to build my own super controller by combining modular controllers together. I can't wait to get my hands on them!

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    I want to start DJing and last few months I was doing a research, which controllers are not only the best for beginners, but can also be used in latter phases, not like others that have to be replaced in half a year. My conclusions were that CMD series are the ideal controllers both for beginners and experienced users regarding their modular architecture, so I am waiting about three months for these and it would be a very pleasant surprise to win them in a competition!


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    I need a CMD PL-1 to give me the control over my music that I need to bring old funk classics back to life!

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