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Thread: CMD Controller Giveaway! (Ends March 4th)

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    I need the controlers to save the world

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    I need a Controller, because I have a ton of Ideas. But unfortunately my Fingers weren't made to play a Guitar or Keyboard (or I'm just too clumsy )

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    I've been DJ'ing for over a year now with computer software alone. It's time that I get a controller and, put simply, take my DJ'ing to the next level with more intuition, innovation and presentation I've been a big fan of Behringer gear for a while now, I expect the new CMD range to be as groundbreaking in its field as the X32 in digital mixing.

    Recent set I did on a friend's internet radio, nothing too epic but I think it would be so much improved with more than just a mouse! (Excuse the bad quality, is internet radio after all though!):

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    I need such a reliable and versatile gear that should last a student like me a very long time for production and live shows.
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    I premise that i can't write a short repley: there are too thinks that i want to say to you.
    Sorry for my English

    I need these controllers because i love creating or mixing music (with my bcd3000), and because, like all Behringer products, these will sotisfy myself much more than the other brend ones. I need these controllers 'cause i'm a 16 years old guy that love music, and having behringer products seems that you love music and you want not a disgusting equipment, but the best to make or mix your own.The Cmd line is awesome, and the idea of the modules is fantastic, with these i can finally costumise my setup. DC-1 will be perfect for live shows,LC-1 will be perfect for Ableton live, MM-1, PL-1 are both incredible for mixing, and finally DV-1 will help me so much (i'm a Serato ScratchLive user); they are so small that i'll be able to carry them wherever i want. Behringer means quality, Behringer means loyalty, Behringer means that you want to treat yourself.
    Good work behringer, i'm lovin' you

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    Beacuse the needs of those who want these controllers (us) outweigh the needs of those who don't have them (everybody else)...

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    Ohhh... how much I waited this modular series. I want it because I love the way I can customise my setup with those controllers !
    So yeees... I wish a CMD setup, will be nice to start with one offered from you ! It will sit nice beside my DDM4000 for Dj-ing stuff !
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    Having tried many different controllers in the past, the Behringer CMD line of controllers seem like a perfect solution to swift from traditional DJing to modern controller-type performing. We will use them at our home, and carry them around in our "Ohne Ende" underground techno movement.

    Ohne Ende:


    Jay Minimal:

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    After some problem with the registration, I finally manage to get an account.

    So, the must have studio gaget for me atm is the Behringer X32 digital mixer. Great mixer for a studio. Unfortunately it's just a dream, because I'm not at that professional level and I do music for fun.

    I think a CMD DC-1 or LC-1 will help me doing live acts with Ableton Live (because I'm the only member in my band, haha). I'll be able to record midi clips from my keyboard, record the guitar then play it as a loop, creating live drum patterns, playing additional layers of the track, creating some glitch FXs and so on, all by myself.

    Even if I won't get the giveaway controller, I will consider buying one. I like those two CMDs because the controllers also have knobs. Will work good together with the BCF2000.

    The controller will act as a second member of my band, haha.

    Until then, check out a sample of my latest work, the post-rock/shoegaze side of me. It's a private track, available only for this forum and some of my friends. Maybe you will like it.

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    Hi all,

    Since a few of you have had trouble registering with the forum, we're pushing the deadline back a little bit to Monday so more of you can enter. Good luck!
    James Burns,
    Coordinator, Social Media
    MUSIC-Group US.

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