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Thread: CMD Controller Giveaway! (Ends March 4th)

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    CMD Controller Giveaway! (Ends March 4th)

    Hi all,

    We know that a lot of you have been patiently (or not so patiently!) awaiting the release of our CMD DJ Controllers since their announcement at NAMM 2012. As a way to say "thank you" to those of you who have stuck with us during the long wait, we're giving away two each of the following CMD Modules: MM-1, PL-1, DV-1, DC-1, and LC-1.

    Here's how to enter: simply reply to this thread with a short (Twitter length--one or two sentences is plenty!) explanation of why you NEED a CMD controller, and what you plan on doing with it. Feel free to also include a link to your web presence (Twitter or Facebook page, YouTube channel, etc.)

    We'll pick the ones we like the best, and notify the winners via Private Message on March 4th. After we receive your shipping info, ten lucky winners will receive a Mystery CMD Care Package™ from our DJ department. We will be shipping your CMD controller BEFORE they hit stores; you'll be the first on your block to get one!

    Good luck, we're looking forward to reading all of the entries!

    Before signing up for the forum, make sure to read our Forum Guidelines here:

    Also make sure to check out our "Real Name" Policy here:
    James Burns,
    Coordinator, Social Media
    MUSIC-Group US.

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    and can you tell me about the "CMD Studio 4a", even I have to wait another year?

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    CMD Giveaway

    I love the behringer product and my whole dj set up is behringer. I would love this free CDM controller because the features look incredible and honestly i have two kids in college and and savings would help. More importantly I love the behringer line.

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    I NEED a CMD controller so I can put on another amazing show at my school's yearly TECHNO RAVE!

    We can make it just a notch better than last years:

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    They say to get busy living, or get busy dying...either way, get busy! The CMD controllers will inspire me to inspire others, to connect with audiences, to ignite my creative process and super-charge my creative powers. Having one will allow me to get busy living!
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    I NEEEEEED a CMD controller to end my stubborn adherence to CDJs and begin catching up with the rest of the world using laptops. It would take a very special controller to convert me but the CMD series may be just that.

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    I love @behringer products, and i really need a CMD Controller

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    I am an Ableton Live DJ and I've been waiting patiently for the CMD series to come out and I am trying to replace some of the older controllers in my setup. I first heard about the CMD controllers over a year ago and I've been following the Behringer facebook page to catch any updates.

    this is the set-up I currently use

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    I NEED a CMD product because I'm an aspiring controllerist sorely lacking a platter midi controller. I have all the knobs (thanks to the Behringer BCR-2000!), faders, pads, and keys I need, just sorely lacking the platter, please feel free to remedy this!

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    I want a CMD controller to use it in my live performances of my new music project. I want to manipulate music and video on real time and i want to make more attractive my performance for people. I invite you to listen us:

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