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Thread: Life is Good...Me and my X32

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    Cool Life is Good...Me and my X32

    Life is good. Last week, February 15, I mixed the talent show at the middle school where my wife teaches Language Arts and Literature. I got my X32 about 4 weeks ago and wanted to do a show with as little cable as possible. I have a rack of 12 wireless mics that we used for performers and the MCs. So I put the X32 on the wireless rack plugged in the 12 wireless mics and did have to use 3 mic cables for direct boxes. Hooked X32 to my wireless router and connected with my iPad. Everything worked great. I then connected my laptop output to the X32 using a direct box. I connected the laptop to my router, wirelessly and connected my iPhone to the laptop using a iPhone Remote app. I could now run the computer’s iTunes from my iPhone. From 7:30 in the morning until 8:30 that night I ran music and mix wirelessly without a single problem. At the same time we were doing the show we did live to TV for our local school access and the person doing the video commented several times about how clean and good the signal he was getting from the X32 mix.

    Besides the 12 wireless mics the rest of the system included my smallest PA:
    (2) EAW KF650z tri-amp tops
    (2) EAW SB850 dual 18” subs
    (1) EAW monitor
    (3) Direct boxes

    Main amp Rack:
    Crown XTi 2002
    Crown XTi 4002
    Crown I-tech 4000
    Crown I-tech 8000

    Monitor amp Rack (6 bi-amp mixes):
    (3) Crown XTi 2000
    (3) Crown Xti 4000

    I have been doing this event for my wife’s school for the past 18 years and it is amazing to see how technology an equipment have changed…Life is good. Thanks Behringer…
    Bill Schnake
    Schnake Sound, Inc
    Experience, Expertise, Professionalism and Reliability

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    Very cool setup, Bill! Post some pics if you get a chance.
    Kind regards,

    Chase McKnight
    Jr. Admin, Care
    MUSIC Group

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