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Thread: No phantom power ??

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    No phantom power ??


    I`ve have just purchased 2 x32 consoles trough Luthmann Scandinavia 3 months ago. know one is not give any phantom power on ch. 11 all other channels are ok. The LED are lit ( the LED beside the XLR input connector). The firmware is up to date. Is there a way to do this in my own workshop, so i dont need to send the console all the way to Stockholm Sweden?
    With out losing the warranty?

    Looking forward to hear from you?

    Kind regards

    Morten Maleshyn
    Duncan Productions ApS.

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    Dear Morten,

    We are sorry to hear that you are having a problem with the phantom power in your X32.

    If you can PM me your best contact options, we will have a member of the CARE team contact you.

    There is not a way for users to perform their own repairs, as it will affect the warranty. This has been a long standing policy for all customers.

    Best Regards,
    Glenn Slater
    Specialist, Product Support Web
    MUSIC Group US

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    Hi Glenn

    Thx for fast reply.

    I found the email to the care team, and waiting for their reply. Thx for your time..

    Kind regards

    Morten Maleshyn
    Duncan Productions ApS
    Københavnsvej 196
    4000 Roskilde - Denmark

    Tel. +45 46756868

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