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Thread: Eurolive most new ?

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    Eurolive most new ?

    Casse attive live 312dsp – 412dsp – 512dsp – 812- 815neo – 912neo-iQ12 – vp1220dsp
    I'm trying to understand wich is most recent and higher quality sound reproduction tohave good sound with music bases from cd and live persons that sing song, like karaoke situation or in concert with base from cd; but I also desire a good quality when a vinyl black disc playing on or with a cd in a same close situation, for easy listening.
    I think is not necessary high power in my use; also 400 watt may be wonderful. I ask you only wich is most recent product thorough these to buy one of these. I want best quality sound. Important is to understand wich is most recent and to know wich does contain best components!
    Please, I pray for your answer!

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    Dear Carlo,

    At this time I am going to suggest the NEO series speakers. Reason being, they are available for purchase. The RMS rating for this series is 800watts.

    The Neo series offers 2 Mic/Line inputs (XLR and 1/4" TRS) with individual volume controls and peak LEDs. Digital noise gate, low-cut filter, 2-band EQ, dynamic Contour filter for ultimate sound reproduction. Digital crossover, phase and time correction for perfect driver alignment plus dual compressor/limiter for total system protection. Great features for Karaoke!

    The on board mixer features a level control for each input and a dual-band master EQ, complete with an adjustable low cut filter to help eliminate annoying breath pops and mic handling noise. Giving you full control over mic/instrument inputs. This way you have control over 3 different fixed EQ bands.

    You should also look into the B315D. For your application, with your suggestion in regards to maximum wattage this will be a great installment!

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    oh, Zac, thanks! you're so kind! Ok. Now I ask you which is most new, most recent thorough 512dsp and 315.
    812neo have you referred is a great box, with many sound accessories, but for my ambient is good also less power.
    you've seen correctly way in 315. now I ask you if is most recent 512dsp, 412, 312 or 315, so I can always take most modern box thorough these models. I wait your answer.

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    Dear Carlo,

    The DSP series speakers will be more recent than the B315D etc..

    For your setup I highly recommend the B315D. This will be cost effective with sufficient specifications.

    Kind Regards,

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    Ok Zac, now I understand, but, sorry, just another question: 512dsp has a different front design than 615d, for example.
    Is most new 512dsp or 615d?
    Wich is more recent thorough these? I want to take most new product's project.
    In back 512dsp has a panel like 815/812neo, for this I think is it new, but in front 615d is like 812.
    If 512dsp is most new than others I take this, also because 315d you suggest is difficult to buy now.
    If 615d is most new than 512dsp I can always take 615.
    Sorry for my long answer and thaks for your disposal.

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    Dear Carlo,

    The 512DSP and 812NEO are technically the "newer" model speaker. Featuring the integrated on board mixer.

    King Regards,

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    Ok Zac! I think will be good for me 512dsp. You're fine and good

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    Zac, question for you buddy.. The B812 neo series was mentioned above in this thread. Now, I have some questions regarding the use of that series. It's an issue. please let me know if this would be a place for me to post my issue for you to provide me with some input. This is very critical for me..

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