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Thread: djx 900 microphone problem

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    djx 900 microphone problem

    Ok this is really strange, my mic works through my dj set up but when I am broadcasting on the radio, the booth from my mixer to the line in on my pc my tunes play but the mic does not come through on the soundcard. Im completely baffled any ideas?

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    Dear Wayne,

    The microphone input does not feed the audio interface inputs. The audio interface of the DJX900 was designed for recording of a set. Being that most DJ's will only want to record and playback their music via USB. More so than microphone over dub.

    Kind Regards

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    Thanks Zac any way around this at all?

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    Dear Wayne,

    A work around to record a microphone is to purchase a mic pre with line level outputs. You may check the microphone preamplifier page for an entire selection:

    Once you have purchased a preamp you are going to need a 1/4"- dual RCA "y" cable.

    If you have any further questions please contact the technical support team directly!

    You can contact us by phone at (1) 702-800-8290 for the US and Canada and (44) 1562 732290 in Europe.

    Kind Regards,

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