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Thread: ADAT to AES EBU convertor for S16?

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    ADAT to AES EBU convertor for S16?

    The S16 does not have AES EBU outputs. These would be very helpful for connecting digitally to a DCX2496. So, I'm looking for a compact, cost-effective ADAT to 4x AES EBU convertor. Any tips?

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    Hi Peter,

    The optical signal in your DCX2496 is spdif (2ch) and not ADAT optical.(8CH).

    Glenn Slater
    Specialist, Product Support Web
    MUSIC Group US

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    I think you didn't understand my question. The DCX2496 does not have an optical input. The DCX2496 accepts s/pdif and AES EBU on XLR input A. All I need is an ADAT to AES EBU convertor box that splits 8 ADAT channels from an S16 into 4 stereo AES EBU channels. Examples of these boxes: Aphex 144, RME ADI DD-4, Mutec MC-4, ... but all expensive (~500euros).
    I was hoping for a cost-effective solution from Behringer, but it seems there isn't (yet).

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    @Glenn, I think he asked for something like RME ADI 4 DD or Mutec MC-4. Both of them are not really 'cost-effective'. But maybe Behringer can an alternative

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    Hi, There was this thing on the forum addressed several times. DCX2496 is an old model. Maybe the new model will be upgraded directly with AES50 port, which would be the best solution, let us surprise you.
    Please read the older threads, the answers you get. Every question is addressed here several times, nobody reads what is in the forum in history.

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    I used the search function for aes and adat, but could not find an existing topic... Furthermore, my current DCX's are functioning fine, so why would I replace then with new ones?

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    Hi Peter,

    There has not been any announcements about such a product, but we always appreciate input like this. The DCX2496 is still a very popular product.

    Glenn Slater
    Specialist, Product Support Web
    MUSIC Group US

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    Dear Peter,

    there had been a 1U unit from Soundtracs which was an accessory for their Virtua digital console which could do 4AES i/o to ADAT, but they are very rare.

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    Ok, thanks. Will have a look for that. Maybe I should look for a used product.

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    Yes, DCX2496 is very good product, I am using too. But, I dont want buy some converter, because is possible in future, that behringer come with upgraded digital speaker management with AES50, which I like this feature.
    The audiosystem will be in one digital domain, without several convertions AD/DA/AD/DA/AD/DA.

    Is one way for going from X32 with bands (LF/MF/HF) with matrix, but is not compact for me, because amp rack not will be compatible with my analogue mix.

    Ideal will be some speaker management with analog inputs (from my AllenHeat console) and with AES50 input for X32 domain.
    Very interestning may be, if S16 will have AES/EBU output, as a X32. If I have AES50 fromX32 to S16, I will not have the second cable AES/EBU from X32 to amprack with DCX2496.

    So, I am waiting for new speaker management with AES50, if will be sometime
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