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Thread: Figure I would post an almost finished product

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    Figure I would post an almost finished product

    Sorry If I put this in the wrong spot.

    This doubles as live and record.

    All cable is Canare Quadcore, and milspec cat6 cable.

    When I build a rack, I hate to have to get into the back of it with flashlights etc. The only time I want to tear into a rack is for upgrade or preventive maintenance.

    I want clear, concise, spelled out, non thinking etc. Basically so I can drink beer and play music, and record!!

    Red cable = all instrument, including red label tags.

    Blue cable = all microphone, including all blue label tags.

    Yellow cable = Returns. Orange (orange cat five is on order) = Data lines.

    No I didn't want to be like everyone else and follow the resistor color code, cuz I have to rebel against the little things.. Now I have to work on labels last. Just wanted to get this ship up and running again.
    image by Kenji onji, on Flickr
    image by Kenji onji, on Flickr
    image by Kenji onji, on Flickr
    image by Kenji onji, on Flickr
    image by Kenji onji, on Flickr
    image by Kenji onji, on Flickr
    image by Kenji onji, on Flickr
    image by Kenji onji, on Flickr
    image by Kenji onji, on Flickr
    image by Kenji onji, on Flickr
    image by Kenji onji, on Flickr
    image by Kenji onji, on Flickr
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    Looks great, Jason!
    Kind regards,

    Chase McKnight
    Jr. Admin, Care
    MUSIC Group

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    Thanks Chase!

    I have been meaning to tour the behringer facility!! Maybe I can do this soon, my pal Don Hartley told me I need to get over there and meet the music group guys... Said you guys are a bunch of good guys..


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    Drop by anytime! Bring Don, too!
    Kind regards,

    Chase McKnight
    Jr. Admin, Care
    MUSIC Group

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    Your a man after my own heart. I went a little different route, but I think you get the idea of instant "Plug and Play"

    Decided to go with a new Mac Mini with a 19" ELO touchscreen so the guys can get to what they need quickly, either by using the trackpad or just touching the screen. Different bands can just plug in an external Hard drive on the side of the X32 and their off and running. No need to keep 5 different laptops up to date

    Mac Software: XControl, DBX Driveware (Remote control for the Driverack 260 thats not yet installed for the mains)
    Studio One 2 DAW, Faber FFT, RAX Plug in host (I think well have to go Waves, not impressed with RAX)
    iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, etc. RTA Mic and a feed from the X32 go into an MAudio interface to A/B whats happening in the room live with the FFT. DMX Show software for lights, still experimenting with a few different kinds

    Stage 3 (Backline by Drums) feeds Mon 5&6, then Cat Snake to Stage 2 that feeds power & Signal to L/R and Mon 1-4,
    From Stage 2 its on to FOH, Whirlwind 4 Cat & Power for the snakes (AES50 A, Serial Control for DBX, Ethernet for DMX, Power for LED Strip Lights)

    Still have to swap out drive racks between stage boxes and finish the I/O Powercon panel for Stage 3

    All the cables for each active speaker and been hand made in various lengths to drive a single speaker or mains stack w/sub

    So far so good...

    pics are available here....(hope this works!)


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    Hey D.R.

    Thank You for the reply, I am always trying to simplify, but most think I am nuts!! (I probably am) I run my studio like I do live sound. I pictured in my mind modules for all all players (me being keys and bass) If I go to a gig I can not load a rack by myself etc. Also I am always stoked when people know what they are looking at, and just the three months alone of hand wiring and termination of cables. (hell I even wired my headphones lol) {side note, wiring headphones with quad-core was a bad idea I learned, too much mechanical noise from the cable touching things, objects etc, and a very noticeable bass boost}

    Music is my savior along with my little kids, so when I am doing music, I do not want to think, I don't want to have to troubleshoot patches, splits, noises, etc. it is just all clearly defined for a 1.2 sec. troubleshoot... Plus I drink beer when I play believe it or not I sound better!!! LOL yeah right... only when I am relaxing, not on stage..anyways.

    I like your idea of the Mac mini!! because unfortunately I am a p.c. guy I did something similar I am using a six bay NAS hard wired with 12TB and same as you (touch interface) I bought the (toy) ipad 3rd gen. absolutely love it for the game freecell and (CONTROL)

    I also use a calibrated mic with it as well and faber acoustical for my fast Fourier transform. (however I must note I have not completed any side by side (A/B) comparison with a known FFT that I trust to see if I trust the Faber Acoustical app. However I have rung out many systems with this on the fly at work, and it really seems to work well!! I used it for a new years eve show that three separate P.A.'s delayed and "Q" together for 3000 bodies. I thought it sounded nice...

    I can not wait till Behringer comes out with the rack mounted version of the x32, this would be wonderful, completely self contained then eh?

    I am not sure I like the driverack stuff anymore (just me though), I like to control my own xross overs with Bessel or butterworth etc. Plus now I am a big baby and try to get powered everything for smaller venues and rooms. Bigger array stuff I like, well don't like but prefer to program my own xross overs... However I think I remember the 260 is good for installs because of RTA and routing capability.. oh and serial control..

    I am using Studio One 2 pro as well, but have found I need to upgrade my quad-core laptop, because I am up to an 80 x 24 track count and it is putting the hurts to the processer... typical..

    I have been wanting to go WAVES as well, and am so curious how this will pan out, if you get that functional, if your bored one eve. please message me and let me know how it is functioning for you in a live format!! ( I am excited about this as an addition as well)

    I read an article on how Dave Rat also A/B's the room like you are doing, and I think this is a sick idea!! I need to get on board with this style of thinking as well!!

    I remember someone at info comm just passing out demos of MAC/PC software for DMX lighting control, and a guy next to me demoing the x32 so he could learn the programmable section of the x32 to run lights, is this your thinking, or an outboard setup like a GrandMa? Personally I am light ignorant, if I could use a touch screen interface that would be my ticket..

    "Your Stage 3" Nice on the design and control aspect!

    You know, on the powercon stuff, this is a love hate relationship with me for one reason, and even myself I have caught myself on occasion of almost twisting these guys out of the sockets hot, a MAJOR NO NO... pop goes the weasel... Neutrik has designed a power con that you can now twist out hot just in case you are unaware (it's a yellow guy), I am going to rewire to these in the future. This is why I yell at other guys who remove NL4 and NL8 while plugged into amps, cuz that is what your doing to the amps as well, dead short...

    I tried to access your pics, but said I could not..bummer...

    Thank you for taking the time to reach out, I always like to see/read/hear what other guys are doing, sometimes you see something so brilliantly simple or neat etc.. cool man


    sorry if I am a long winded bass tird..

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    D.R Lynn,

    Could you post some info on how your able to use the DBX Driveware on the Mac platform.


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    Im currently using a program from to tun the PC only app on OSX, DBX Driveware, then to a USB Serial adapter and out to the actual driverack 260.

    It runs great but connectivity is an issue. The codeweaver software doesn't like the whole USB/Serial connection very much, having a time getting it to work. May just install parallels like the rest of our OSX machines and be done with it

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    Loved your posts, but being Chicago, were strictly Guinness here my friend!

    While I await the moderator to approve the pictures I just put up, I'll throw a few comments up..

    All of our in-house speakers are active hence the custom cables and quick disconnect xor/powercon connections on the back of the "Stage 2& 3" boxes for mains and monitors

    For now were using 3 drive rack PX's for the 6 monitor mixes and the 260 (+remote control) for the mains.
    We actually have 2 NEXIA boxes that we might put in to simplify and control over ethernet, but for now it's drive racks .

    When we rent the system out, guys know how to set them up and our original presets are always saved.

    These are real handy when were not using our own speakers and just tapping into the house system or speakers.

    PS: The driveracks do let you change almost everything manually if you like a certain x-over setup and by getting a good "base-line" your free to use the 6-band on the board to take care of anything else that creeps up...

    The A/B thing with the faber is sort of a good "Fire Alarm", letting you two different sides of the signal chain and look for problems, and getting on them before they become painful to the ears.

    Hopefully when you see the power distro pics (Back of Stage 2) youll see the 2 20-amp switches where you can kill power BEFORE yanking the powercons (the new make-before-break are sweet though)

    Studio One 2 gets the job done just fine, but when you really start getting into heavy track counts, maybe a dedicated machine?
    leave the light stuff to a laptop??

    Talk soon, have to replace a blown firewire card now in the x32

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