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Thread: X32 + 2 S16's + usb 32 X 32 recording?

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    X32 + 2 S16's + usb 32 X 32 recording?

    I'm new to the digital board thing I've used it for probably 5 shows running monitors and FOH. Recently I took a split from an analog snake at a live show and tracked all 32 channels, which was later mixed to 5 hd cameras for a tv broadcast and the finished product was very impressive. Sound quality was very nice. I tracked show in cubase and converted all tracks by accident to MP3 which was given to pro tools guy and mix was very good for a first try. This was all tracked using the X32 local inputs. My question is I just ordered 2 S16's and I would like to know if I will be able to track all 32 channels that are attached to the S-16's? The goal is to Run FOH, monitors, and track to cubase. Using ipad's, pc's, and iphones for controlling all live parameters and a mac book pro for recording. This is a link to a sample of the show recorded using the x32.

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    Hi Chris,

    short answer: Yes!

    Longer answer: In the routing menu you can also choose the AES50 inputs of the S16 to be routed to your card and thus record all of them.

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