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Thread: S16 Stage box

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    Question S16 Stage box

    This may have been covered already, but I don't have hours to devote reading numerous posts... I am having issues with routing signal from my S16's.. after 20 hrs straight of rewiring my studio, I must note I hand terminate everything ( i.e. low scew cat6 cable, that I check with a meter when I am done for certification )

    so X32 AES50 A out to S16 AES50 A in, set to 48kh master no split , S16 Master AES50 B out to 2nd AES50 A in, set out +8 or something, in the board routing is set AES50 1-8, 9-16,17-24,(25-32 set local), because I am running things physically in the desk by the desk. I get all sound from 1-16 inputs on first s16, however I can not physically control HA gain on face of master s16 and "lock stage box is unchecked" in global screen. I can however control the ha gain on second s16 but get absolutely nothing (signal) back to the desk... If I plug in ears in at second s16 i can hear signal and see signal at the 2nd s16, but for the life of me can not get signal to desk, i have been over, and over the routing matrix, and setup... also something wierd on first s16 master if you will, I have keyboards on channels five and six, and nothing is physically routed to channels 21 and 22 but magically there is signal there, and it is the keyboards from five and six.. again I have checked the routing matrix to make sure channel assignment is not xrossed, or patched incorrectly... I have ran into this with peavy's nware xdab configuration, and found it to be a latency issue, or can you believe duplicate mac addresses... I am not a network engineer, im just a drunk studio engineer who works live sound sober for a living... oh and before I forget, none of the 8 p16's are working properly as well now that I have added the 2 s16's. I am using the hub to run these guys too. so hopefully Im just drunk.. but it doesn't seem that way... because I still have beer left, and no signal flow... any help would be appreciated!! I do have to do a record this week... hence killing myself with the 20 hour rewire, and terminating... last but not least, I do get the main outs on (L R / M ) on 2nd S16 on outs 14M 15L 16R...

    ps desk at most current firmware...

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    Dear Jason,

    please set your first S16 to be not master, the X32 should be master as described in our QSG.

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    Hey Michael,

    Thank You for your reply, it must have been that beer!! I must not have read the sentence after it said engage Stage snake master, ONLY if used as stand alone.. sorry...

    I found the 2 issues why nothing would work properly. One was an incorrect setting on the S16 #1 and on the desk I had AES50 set as synchronization, now it is set to local. I grasp the concept of flow now, face of both s16's work fine, and p16's are functioning properly. I am very happy!!

    When will the 3u rack x32 be available? this would be a viable solution for me to just rack mount the desk, and control via ipad during a show (a show that I am playing in, and running our sound ) I am assuming you guys meant this for a hard install for multi zone installations? Or will it work for a band utilizing the S16's and p16's as well.. Know of a ballpark figure yet on the 3u rack x32?

    How many s16's can be cascaded, and if the addition of more than two how do you control as far as faders, and signal processing?

    Thanks for the help, and hopefully it is me being a bonehead on my end.. Its the easy stuff I have a hard time with like reading and comprehension (j/k) kinda... you would laugh if you saw the almost 200 zone layout I designed using media matrix (cobra net) with network switches, fiber, and gui control to a zone map, but yet I can not connect two aes50 pieces to a console! LOL sounds about right...
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    Dear Jason,

    it was definitely the beer. and perhaps the humidity at that day... But I am glad that you are happy now.

    You can connect up to 3 S16 per AES50 port to the console, thus keep in mind that only 32 channels can be used at a time. Signal processing and routing will all done in the routing menu on the X32.

    X32 Rack will be available later this year, but I do not have a precise date yet. You can use it for whatever it fits for you: hard install of course but maybe also for a band which have their setup within the mixer and just connect to the local PA where they perform. So their mix will be fine and they only have to adjust the outputs to the local PA with a PEQ or a GEQ... just as an example.

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    "but maybe also for a band which have their setup within the mixer and just connect to the local PA where they perform. So their mix will be fine and they only have to adjust the outputs to the local PA with a PEQ or a GEQ..."

    Precisely what I am wanting to accomplish, an reasonably priced digital submix!!

    Thank You,


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