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Thread: Are all the meters on the x32 mixer peak meters?

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    Are all the meters on the x32 mixer peak meters?

    Hey guys I was wondering what type of meters are on the x32 mixer. I'm assuming that all the meters are peak db meters because it is a digital mixer. I ask this because I'm trying to figure out what the best spot to have all the input channels meter hit at (not while mixing but when setting the preamp). I know that you want to have your signals hitting at the right spot so the A/D converters are not overloaded (or your transients could suffer... at least that is what I read). I also was wondering because We will be sending the main L,R signal out to a dbx driverack PA.

    Professional audio equipment is set to recieve +4 dBu signals so I want to make sure that I have the right amount of output sent out to the driverack. I also am aware that +4dBu=0dBVU=-18dBFS . So if I am correct (correct me if I'm wrong) than I want to set the input channels average to -18dBFS (I've also noticed that the channel meters go from green to yellow at -18) and the main L,R average out at -18dBFS.

    With that said... what about the pink noise generator? Is the pink noise level RMS level when you turn the amount knob up?

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    Dear Francisco,

    all level meters are peak.

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    So what is the best level to set each channel to? I know that A/D converters have a point to where you can overload the converters if you have the input going in too hot. And also that there is a sweet spot so you have the best signal to noise ratio.
    I loaded up a -20rms pink noise into my daw and set the VU offset to 0VU equals -18db peak (so that way 0VU will equal -18dbfs which equals +4dBu) and turned up the pink noise till it hit the 0VU mark. When I did that the peak was hitting at -6dB peak (and the VU was at 0). So my quess is that's where I would want to set my levels to (or at least not go past that).

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    anyone have any answers on where each preamp should be set for best signal to noise ratio?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Francisco Martinez View Post
    anyone have any answers on where each preamp should be set for best signal to noise ratio?
    Most digital equipment of today doesn't suffer from noise like they did some years ago.

    Unless you have a really weak signal going in and you therefor need to gain the preamp close to its limit you shouldn't have any issues with additional noise.

    Using -18dBFS as an average is a good start. In the movie bussiness they even recommend using -24dBFS. If you are going to do commercial work then aim for -24dBFS which is roughly -24LUFS/LKFS.

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    I wouldn't hit the preamps too hard as well, especially in a live situation, as the more gain, the higher the probability of feedback. Aim for -18dB with an "average" signal, this way you would have more than enough headroom for the louder parts and still be able to hear the silent ones.

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