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Thread: Equalizer Presets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Hanratty View Post

    Thanks, I do not own an X32 yet but will soon. Am I to understand that your presets, based on Presonus SL, can be imported to Behringer?

    Yes, you can import them from a USB stick into the X32 channel preset library. From there, you then can load them into channels.

    Works great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jürgen Kirkovits View Post
    I just created Presets based on the Presonus manual. Feel free to download and use them!

    Regards, JK

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    Thank you so much for gives a great starting point!
    We should start a new Topic..where everyone can share more settings. Including Verbs and Vocal Effs. And Drum Verbs.

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    The best thing is to experiment. Boost to make things sound bad. Cut to see what makes them sound "odd".

    Usually the problem will be too much of something, so cutting is most always the first step.

    As to those instrument charts - most instruments and voices have such a wide frequency range that even looking at the chart is a waste of time.

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