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Thread: Equalizer Presets

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    Equalizer Presets

    Hi all - is there any way we can import equalizer presets? On other boards, I have had the option to set the EQ to presets like Female Vocal, Male Vocal, Bass, etc. My EQ ability are a little lacking and it would be nice if I had presets to start at.

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    Hi Andrew,

    if you select a channel and you are on the HOME tab and press the UTILITY button you can store presets for this channel, including only EQ settings but also together with dynamics, sends, etc.

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    Hi Michael,

    Yes, and that is a useful feature. My problem is that I am a little weak in EQing voices and instruments. Is there a repository of pre-set EQs I can import?

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    Dear Andrew,

    I am sorry, there aren't.

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    Ok, guess I will have to learn to get better at it then. Thanks for the quick replies.

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    Hi Andrew,

    Here is a great learning tool for eq'ing. Please see the attachment.

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    Hi Andrew,

    Prior to purchasing my X32 I was using a Presonus SL24.4.2. In the Presonus owners manual they provide you with a detailed resources section that gives you many suggestions for EQ and Dynamics. These settings come pre installed on the desk channel strips but are also written down in the manual. It is a great starting point as the settings can easily be applied to your X32. You can get a copy of the manual here:

    Hope this helps

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    This is all great advise. Thanks all for the help.

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    BTW, I made a scan of instrument frequencies table, which I've found in my book. It could be really helpful.
    This post was made in Poland

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    I never knew that this was in the manual, pretty good idea on getting started!

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