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    X serie


    Maybe i'm a litle fast to ask but i'm exited about the new product line

    Are we going to be able to connect all the devices together and let them work together ?

    For example:
    Front of House x32 and the producer
    on stage 3 S16 snakes

    on the x32 use alle 32 inputs from 1 and 2 S16
    on the producer 16 inputs from 3 S16

    and use the producer and X32 to control these channels but output it all trough x32 (or snake)

    so for example on the Producer 16 voice inputs but control the whole thing trough de DCA on X32 or to a mix bus on x32 that feeds the monitors ?

    so use the producer as an extension of the X32 ?
    Blancard Kevin

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    Hope this helps
    Blancard Kevin

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