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Thread: New iQ series and iNUKE 12k

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    Hi guys from Behringer. I read your new catalog (latest), and I still see, that your iQ series is for home use.
    Ultranet - I think, that if you dont use ethercons, this network is not for stage use.
    And, is not possible use it with Midas consoles.
    Here is important thing - AES50 is main bus of X32 series (and for Midas), has ethercons, and is reliable.

    Your iQ series is nice, I am not hear this, so I dont know how playing, we hear. But I know, that if you stay on Ultranet, and not on AES50, I not buy them. Ultranet is maximal for monitoring system, but not for main system.

    Hey guys from live stages and sound operators, please write here, If you preference AES50 or Ultranet for small main PA system.

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    Hmm... Behringer offers 8", 10", 12", 15" speakers and 15", 18" subwoofers. What do you think about adding 3-way iQ speaker to your series (1.75" woofer, 5~6.5" mid-woofer and 15" sub)? I'd like to have 3-way speaker + 18" sub per side for clean and deep sound.
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    When will the Inuke 12000 be available in European stores?
    And why is a NU4-6000 amp more expensive then 2x inuke 3000? I always thought the NU4-6000 is 2 nu3000 amps in one case?

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