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Thread: New iQ series and iNUKE 12k

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    New iQ series and iNUKE 12k

    Hi Behringer,
    I looked at your new products for live sound and is interesting idea of ​​digital connection iQ Series speakers. But from personal experience, I think it would be much better if they were equipped with AES50 interface than ultranet.
    I just found two reasons:
    1. He would not need a bridge between the AES50 and Ultranet (S16)
    2. RJ port without EtherCon is mechanically very prone, so the live sound industry, it is useless and very unreliable and such a system can not be used.

    Then I would have suspended the amplifier iNUKE 12k, the picture is not very clear to me how it is powered, uses common PowerCon?
    For such a power amp I would expect multi-phase power supply because if it had only 230V, 16A, did not go to the featured performance.

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    Hi Behringer!
    Uli and the rest of R&D....Bravo!

    I am very exited about your new iQ speaker lineup. I was about to pull the trigger for yam DSR but I will now await the iQ and try them out.

    I think your approach with networked speakers really makes sense, especially in conjunction with the x32 family, s16 and p16!
    Also choosing powercon is a definition of semi pro - pro usage level. Would like to see powercon on mixers and s16 too in order to ensure reliable power connection!

    I have some questions and concerns though, also mentioned above.

    1. Using simple rj45 instead of ethercon is a big disappointment. Running the whole foh rig through a daisy chained cat 5 is really risky, with no mechanical protection. I understand your choice on the p16 (slick and cheap connectors and cables) but for linking the main speakers and monitors on stage, the cabling is exposed to stepping. Also keep in mind that many cat5 cables are stiff and will easily get twisted with loops on the floor so people can get stuck and pull the cable out.
    I am also worried that the rj connectors in the speakers are soldered to the pub inside, which means that the connector and pcb easily can get damaged.
    I therefore advice you strongly to consider ethercon, for the users it is easy and cheap to attach ethercon on ready made molded cables using neutrik NE8MC connectors. This will add lots of value and reliability to the system!!!

    I am also concerned about the choice of Ultranet in behalf of aes50.
    It is not preferrable to use up channels in the ultranet for foh and wedge feeds if you are using the p16 system. After some thinking I realise that you might have more yet undisclosed capability in the Ultranet protocol, to carry control of dsp etc and audio feed to mains and wedges. If so, please publish this information !

    The other way might be a bridge unit with aes50 + ethernet to ultranet for a secondary foh/wedge Ultranet in order to pull audio channels from the aes50 and to connect the ethernet to a computer running speaker dsp software.

    I sincerely hope that you will take ethercon into account and will clarify the Ultranet architecture in conjunction with the rest of your fantastic ecosystem!

    Best regards

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    Hello again!

    I am also curious us about the following:

    Tech data, Fq response -3 and -10 dB, SPL etc
    When available for delivery.

    Please also consider optional speaker covers for transport protection. Also ones that can be used when the speakers are use (like qsc) for outdoor gigs with unreliable weather. They shall cater for proper heat dissipation of course.

    Best regards,


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    ##Double post, Sorry, please remove. ##

    I am very very exited about your new iQ Lineup.
    I sincerely hope that you consider to re design the Ultranet connectors to Ethercon on the iQ series in order to make that a reliable connection. This new system is very exiting, but the current design with RJ45 connectors will probably end up in users not using them for reliability reasons. I would not dare to daisy chain a FoH setup with RJ45.
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    Hi Jon,

    It is great to hear that you are excited about the new iQ line!

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Best Regards,
    Glenn Slater
    Specialist, Product Support Web
    MUSIC Group US

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    +1 on dropping the Ultranet and going with AES50 instead as digital input for the iQ line!
    And we need a new Speaker Management with AES and at least 4in and 8 outs

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    I will buy a lot of iQ speakers after rebuild to AES50, and if will be in future speaker management with AES50, I buy 6pc too.

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    I'm also interested by the new iQ range - any news on
    a) when will they be shipping in the UK
    b) Prices?

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    Hi Gareth,

    Sorry Gareth, that information is not available yet. It will be posted as soon as we have it.

    Best Regards,
    Glenn Slater
    Specialist, Product Support Web
    MUSIC Group US

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    will look forward to seeing it

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