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Thread: X32 firmware 1.12

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    X32 firmware 1.12

    I guess NAMM is taking up many resources, as there is no mention of the new firmware as of yet on the X32 product page (although the build is one week old already).

    EDIT: I had to refresh the product page to find this and the new XControl for PC, Mac and Linux!

    1.12 (2013-01-17)
    - encoder acceleration improved
    - channel afl solo now always post insert
    - sends on fader related freeze fixed
    new features:
    - full support for all new models
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    Sweet ... been waiting for the Mac XControl.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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    When you say...

    new features:
    - full support for all new models

    * What is a "model"?
    * What models are new?
    * What support didn't they have before?

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    Dear Dan,

    as you can see on our homepage we released 4 new models of the X32 family. X32 COMPACT, X32 PRODUCER, X32 RACK and X32 CORE.

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