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Thread: Eurocom MA6008 Questions

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    Eurocom MA6008 Questions

    Hello - I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right category, but here goes...

    I'm researching an audio system for a teleconferencing room and I'm looking for an automixer that can be used with 8 boundary mics. The output of the automixer would be fed into our phone system. I'm really looking for a less expensive way to do what can be done with a Polycom Vortex EF2280 conferencing automixer. Can the Eurocom MA6008 be configured to do automixing, echo-cancellation, ducking, etc for the 8 mics attached to it?


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    Hi William. I am going to move this to the EUROCOM category where it will be slightly more on-topic, and I will ping one of our techs to get and answer for you very soon.
    James Burns,
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