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Thread: X Control V 0.91

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    Question X Control V 0.91

    Can I unlatch the channel name in (Config / Edit name) mode from transferring over the previous name to an empty or unnamed channel?
    It was not like this in the previous version 0.70.
    Seems like I could setup a new seen faster on the older version.

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    I think it helps carrying over the previous name, as often I name channels similar and only change the ending. To type in something completely new you could just double-click on the text. Does that help?

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    Hi Noel,

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

    Could you please rephrase the question? I'm not completely sure what you mean.

    Do you mean that you do not want to see the old name together with the new name?

    Thank you!
    Glenn Slater
    Specialist, Product Support Web
    MUSIC Group US

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