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Thread: How to set up iPad for remote control?

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    How to set up iPad for remote control?

    I need help. I am NOT a wireless networking geek. Can someone please give me simple, play-by-play instructions for getting the iPad to connect to the X32?

    I have a Linksys WRT54GL wireless router and a brand new iPad. I have tried lots of settings in the setup screen on the X32, all to no avail. Help!

    What is the ip address of the X32 supposed to be? Is this fixed or assignable?

    What should be the iPad wireless settings?

    Does the order of boot-up matter?

    I am using the default ip address for the Linksys router.

    Thanks much!

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    Hi Alan
    Check if you turned on wifi in the linksys router and the name of the wifi network. Also check if DHCP is turned on and the password to join the wifi network. All this is done within the wifi settings of the link sys router. Write down the wifi name and the password. Next open the settings page on your iPad and find the wifi settings, here you have now the option to join the wifi network - you will see it under the name which you set before in the link sys router. To join the network you need to enter the password. If you were successful the ipad wifi setting page will list the network under name. Now go to the console´s network settings and dial in ( given the linksys is still on ). Now you can open xicontrol on the iPad and dial in and hit connect.
    Hope this helps and good luck! Report if you have success
    regards, Till

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    Assign any IP address from to to your X32 and let the iPad get its IP address via DHCP from your router. Check that DHCP is enabled on your router of course.

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    Hi Alan,

    Make sure that the wifi is turned on in your iPad. The X32 should already be on.

    1. Go to SETUP and the NETWORK tab.

    2. Your Gateway should be your Linsys IP address.

    3. Your Subnet Mask should be:

    4. Put your iPad's IP address in the X32's IP Address field. Change the last digit so that it is not the same as your iPad..

    I hope that this is helpful to you.
    Glenn Slater
    Specialist, Product Support Web
    MUSIC Group US

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    Perfect--that did it! Thanks very much.

    Why is this not spelled out in the manual?

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