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Thread: Live 32 ch. recording software

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    Quote Originally Posted by Per Sovik View Post
    Finally, after nearly wanting to tear my hair out, I think I managed to set up a decent template for recording in Reaper, and despite finding the user interface nearly incomprehensible, I'm starting to fall in love with the program.
    Being a Cubase user, I don't feel like learning another DAW and adding more confusion into my working method, but I don't really want to carry a dongle and prefer my Cubase to be locked to my editing computer.
    Given the obvious hazzle with importing Reaper files into Cubase, Nuendo Live seems an obvious way to go.
    Christian, would you say the Nuendo purchase is wort it just for this convenience, or are there other compelling reasons to buy Nuendo instead of recording with Reaper?
    Hi Per,

    longtime Cubase User as well here
    I used Cubase since the old Atari days. Stucked to it till Cubase4, but I was very dissapointed with Cubase5. So I switched to Presonus Studio One, because it has an awesome drum editing algo. Back then I had Cubase4 and a small ProTools rig, that I only used for drum editing. So I recorded drums in Cubase, exported the Waves Files into ProTools. Edited the drums, bounced the files and drop them back into Cubase. Than Studio One came up with the "audiobend" feature, what is way faster than beat detective in my eyes and I made the switch. Sadly Studio One is not that stable in comparison to Cubase or I'm thinking about to switch back to Cubase7, which has some awesome new features.

    Sadly if you go with Nuendo Live, you will need Cubase7, if you like to directly open the Nuendo Live project in Cubase. By now, I drag the recorded waves files on a USB drive and drop them into Studio One. This is quite fast too.
    Nuendo Live has some really nice features, like "one click recording".
    When you are late on the job, just connect your soundcard (or X32) to Nuendo Live, start the programm and hit the "*" Key. Nuendo Live will automatically record all recognized inputs! In addition Nuendo Live is made for long time recordings..basically you can record 24/7 as long you got harddrive space left. Nuendo can even restore corrucpt recordings (f.e. during a power fail), it has just one windows, no submenues (very easy to operate), an ASIO guard and lot's of more cool features.
    The downside is, it has just very basic editing tools and you can't load any VST plugins. This is just for recording and virtual soundcheck. You will need a second DAW software, if you like to mix your recordings.
    To sum it up: Reaper is cool for both recording and mixing. Nuendo Live is the most professional choice by now, if you just want to do live-recordings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Boche View Post
    Maybe we could agree on "expensive"
    Very expensive would fit for SAWstudio (2.500 $)
    But Nuendo Live has some features, you won't find in any other daw.
    It is a matter of personal reference, if you consider it as a good value or not.
    Besides Nuendo Live, I would go with Reaper (if you just need a software for doing live recordings).
    Reaper can record with Broadcast Wave, has a second recording path, is known for it's stability and is far from beeing expensive
    It's just that I don't need any special features from a live recording software other than being able to easily record arm and assign inputs. What's special about Nuendo live except it's flawless integration with Yamaha consoles and most probably Cubase/Nuendo?

    EDIT: I just read your previous post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jürgen Kirkovits View Post
    It's just that I don't need any special features from a live recording software other than being able to easily record arm and assign inputs. What's special about Nuendo live except it's flawless integration with Yamaha consoles and most probably Cubase/Nuendo?

    EDIT: I just read your previous post.
    Hi Jürgen,

    maybe check this-->
    it is more eleborate than what I have to say about NL. One thing I forgot is the virtual meterbridge above the waveform window. When recording in any other DAW (when dealing with a high channel count), you have to scroll down for checking, if any track has clipped. In Nuendo Live you can see the metering for over 100 tracks at a glance on a 15" laptop. Can't remember of any other DAW, that is capable of this. And in addition, Nuendo has a lock out function, that blocks you keyboard. So a unwanted keystroke can not abort your recording and you can dare to go to the bar and fetch yourself a drink.

    The hardware dongle is indeed annoying Better double check, if you got it with you, when heading to a job
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    Im all new to this recording and production software, so I have down loaded Studio one and Adobe Audition, both as frustrating as each other to set up with the x32 but once done, I guess you just save it as a template.
    would be great if Behringer could include or recommend some software like others do, even if it is a basic or trial version.
    Still, wouldnt want it to be to easy,

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    I'm on MAC, and it's a breeze with Logic Studio. On MAC, there's no drivers to install at all. I just set up a template in Logic and call it up every time I'm multi tracking. Instead of having to shell out for an expensive DAW software, a simple no fuss free software from Behringer just for recording multitracks would be great too.

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    Some 20 years with Samplitude/Sequoia had delivered me nothing but stable, predictable and fantastic recordings. But they ain't cheap....

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    Have you checked out the Cubase Elements 6 Full Version?

    It looks like it will cover recording your 32 TRAX and sells for $100 US. At least this would keep you working within the world of Cubase.

    You can do a side-by-side comparison on the Cubase Line up page at the bottom.

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    I just use Nuendo Live
    it works awesome

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    Look at the new Presonus Capture 2.0
    That's what I would like to have.....but they won't sell it !!
    So....hopefully Behringer Capture Comming soon!

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    Hi All,

    Pro Tools will also work with the X32, as long as it is version 9 or later.

    Glenn Slater
    Specialist, Product Support Web
    MUSIC Group US

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