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Thread: Problem with DYNAMIC - key of compressor

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    Problem with DYNAMIC - key of compressor

    Hi all, please, can you try, if you have the same problem as I
    If I try use DYNAMIC with key of another input, I still have the same channel as self
    For example, talk over.
    player on channels 25+26 linked
    mic on channel 24 as key source for 25 and 26

    DYNAMIC on channels 25+26 and keying by 24 (talking)
    I try key solo of channel 24 and I still listen channel 25 in one side of phoness.
    Do I some bad?
    Thanks all for help.
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    And the second problem with this. If I select Key Solo - and in monitor setup I have set Use DIM for PFL, no dimming for key listen. Key listen is very loud, and if is key source is another them self, I listen it in left side of monitor only.
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    The third problem, found by first and second problem, is:
    If I have set Use DIM for PFL, and I solo select any channel, DIM button not light

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    Hi Martin,

    When using linked channels you have to set the key source on both of the linked channels (the key source parameter is never linked to allow using stereo sources as key signal).
    So if you are using channel 24 to duck channels 25/26 you needs to set the key source to 24 on both, channels 25 and 26. What you hear when using key solo is exactly what is used for keying.

    This is actually the way it is designed to work.

    I hope it helps.

    Joe Sanborn
    Manager, Channel Marketing
    MUSIC Group

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    Hi, now works fine, but I think, that this key parameter may be linked too.
    And what the second problem with DIM on key listen, and DIM light button with setup Use Dim for PFL?

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