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Thread: 1.10 firmware update preoblems

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    1.10 firmware update preoblems

    I seem to be having a problem with the new update install. We have 2 - X32 boards and i cannot get this update to install on either console. I have tried 10 different USB drives on 1 console and 2 on the other, I did not have any problems with the 1.09 or the 1.08 update. I used the same USB drive as before first, reformatted it, changed from 48kHz to 41.1kHz and that did not work. Any one else having this problem.

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    Yes, Pat ... I had the exact same problem.

    I was unable to get the flash drive that worked nicely for the v1.09 update to work. I tried several others with the same result.

    So ... off to Walmart where I bought a $6 2gb drive and, by good fortune, it worked.


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