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Thread: What cat 5 cabling are using between foh & stage (x32 to s16) ?

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    What cat 5 cabling are using between foh & stage (x32 to s16) ?

    I'd like to purchase a couple of VERY rugged 100' cat5 cables to run from foh to stage. I'd like to find something halfway flexible with as little memory as possibe. I'm thing of running two so that I will have one as a backup unless someone out there makes a "two cat5 snake" of some kind......

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    I have not received my S16 yet but I plan to use the cable below:

    You can look at this You Tube Video

    The video caption says:
    "Today I am showing you guys how to build a robust ethernet cable for use with the Behringer X32 AES50 Digital Snake. This is using a BYTECC C6EB-100O which is a 100ft Cat 6 Enhanced 550MHz Cable."

    Once built you can employ this for use in connecting your Behringer X32 mixer to another X32 for use with a monitor console setup, or with connecting your Behringer X32 with the Behringer S16 stage box (not released yet when this video was made).

    The EtherCon connector used is the Neutrik NE8MC-B.

    Note: the P16's do not use an EtherCon type connection, only a normal Ethernet connection. Only the AES50 uses the EtherCon type connection, however a normal ethernet cable will connect into an EtherCon connection, just it is not as robust.

    Hope this helps!

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    That's way too expensive. 50 meters of Cat5e SFTP (double shielded) cable are 13.55€ at Amazon and two Neutrik connectors are 6.40, so a total of about 20 Euros, and that's including 20% tax!

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    Here is high quality cable reel "van damme" tourcat in uk:
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    I got this cat5 cable from Markertek ....

    and this nice cable reel ...

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    Looks nice but my understanding is that you can't use the shielded end on the s16?

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    I have a 150 foot cable from Markertek ... now I await two S16 boxes to use it with!

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    Also, if you read the specs on Cat5e vs. Cat6 cable runs, the Cat5e will work up to 100 meters, but the Cat6 only to about 80 meters.

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