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Thread: Internal FX in Xenyx2442FX

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    Internal FX in Xenyx2442FX

    Hi, this is my first post and I'm pretty new to all this, so please keep it simple if possible

    I've got a 2442FX mixer with 3 vocals and a harmonica going into it. I want to add some reverb to the vocals but NOT to the harmonica (coz the harmonica already has effects added)

    If I understand the manual correctly, I (1) set the levels of each channel going into the internal effects processor by adjusting the AUX 3FX on each respective channel strip. Then I (2) adjust the overall level going to the processor by adjusting the 3FX AUX SEND knob. And lastly I (3) set the level of the "wet" signal in the main mix by adjusting the 3FX STEREO AUX RETURN knob. Does that sound right so far?

    Anyway, my question is, in all of the above how do I allow for the fact that I don't want to add any effect to the harmonica channel? I assume in step (1) above I set the harmonica level to zero, but does that mean it will be missing from the main mix?


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    Dear Mike,

    you assume correctly. If you do not turn up the AUX 3 FX knob for the harmonica it will not be sent to the FX processor, but will still be audible on your main mix depending on how much you turn the volume up by the channel fader.

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    Thanks Michael, now I get it. So that means I still have control over the "dry" component of the mix by using the channel faders. And if the "wet" component of the mix only includes vocals and no harmonica, that just means that I will have to turn up the harmonica fader relative to the vocals so the harmonica is relatively louder in the "dry" part of the mix to compensate. That's a complicated sentence, hope it made sense

    Here's another related question:

    I use the AUX SEND jacks to connect to powered foldback monitors. I can get different mixes from AUX SEND 1 and 2 (both pre-fader) and 4 (not sure if this is pre- or post-fader, does anyone know?) AUX SEND 3FX is effectively used up because it is carrying the mix for the onboard effects processor, and no-one wants this specific mix in their stage monitor

    My question is, am I able to get any more monitor mixes than the three mentioned above? We've got three vocalists and a harmonica player and all four of us want our own separate foldback mix so we can hear ourself above the others


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